Many of the world’s shark species are disappearing — and fast. In one recent meeting with Project AWARE, a European Union government official said, “Unfortunately, sharks have an image problem. That means they have few sympathizers outside the conservation community.” And largely, we agree.

 But divers are unique. We’re shark sympathizers. In fact, it sometimes feels like divers may be some of shark’s only friends. Divers represent an economic sector that wants sharks alive and thriving, to keep dive sites healthy and the dive adventure alive.

So whether you’re shark friend or foe – why should disappearing sharks concern divers and advocates like you?

– They represent the iconic allure of the scuba-diving adventure. And they’re just plain cool to experience underwater.
– Sharks are the overlords of our underwater ecosystems. They keep everything else thriving and balanced.
– Shark finning is unsustainable, cruel and wasteful.

If it seems overwhelming to try and help protect critical shark species on the brink – let me re-assure you – shark conservation is entirely doable. But only if you and I take action today.

Help Give Sharks a Fighting Chance – sign the petition

Get serious about shark protection. You can help fight finning and other serious threats before it’s too late. Support the goal to reach 100,000 shark petition signatures by World Ocean Day, June 8th and help grab the attention of policymakers worldwide.

1. Sign the “Give Sharks a Fighting Chance” petition.
2. Spread the word and challenge your friends to sign their support for sharks.
3. Collect signatures during your scuba courses, club, school, scouting events and more.

Together we’re closing loopholes in existing shark management policies and insisting on full protections for Endangered and Critically Endangered sharks.

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