You might not expect the crusty, angry, typically ranting guru to be enamored with a holiday that has been derided, denied, cursed and simply avoided by most of the male population subjected to it. But, it’s true. Valentine’s Day is now the Guru’s favorite. Why, you ask? Because, for the first time ever…ahem, I mean in a long time, the Guru has a valentine. Meet the Guruette…

Although the Guru thought it was a recent invention designed by greeting card manufacturers to make people uncomfortable, it turns out that the idea of showing your love on the Feast of Saint Valentine has been around since the 15th century (according to Wikipedia anyway).

Valentine's Day Special

As it turns out Valentine’s Day is sort of fun when you have a Valentine. Sort of like having a date for New Year’s Eve. But I digress. The Guru, as you probably realize by now, can safely be considered selfish and narcissistic along scuba diving lines. So, it might come as some sort of surprise to hear the Guru say something like, “Why celebrate Valentine’s Day once a year when every day is Valentine’s Day?”

And you’d be right to be surprised. Shocked might be a better word for it. But hear me out.

The Guru is a big proponent of making friends, making dive buddies and getting out there and getting wet. Or, in the case of recent technology, making online buddies and keeping in touch with them while getting your dive fix on ScubaEarth.

One quick aside while we’re talking about ScubaEarth – The guruette (hey, she’s still learning so she doesn’t get the capital “G” yet) would kill me if I didn’t mention how we met. Online. That’s right online dating! I mean diving. Online diving. D-I-V-I-N-G. Otherwise known as ScubaEarth. We found out we had some things in common (like diving, for example) and met up at the beach for a leisurely stroll underwater and it was all over. It’s amazing and, according to the “-ette”, adorable.

But, what could be better than giving your loved ones (ie, your Valentine) a gift that lasts all year long? A gift, say, of (wait for it…) scuba diving? Whether your guruette (or other loved one) wants to learn to dive or is an accomplished underwater fiend, the PADI eLearning Gift Pass is a great gift that pays dividends all year. Here’s are just two of the reasons why:

  1. You get to give the gift you want. (The Guru already admitted narcissism, what can I say?). There are stories I’ve heard about the guy getting his wife that chainsaw she always wanted and her providing that boxed set of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy that he always wanted. But, there’s something to be said for giving an eLearning Gift Pass. First of all, it’s better than a chainsaw. Second, let’s say your significant other learns to dive. Not only do you have a new, built in dive buddy, but you have a much better chance of slipping that dive trip to the most exotic destination you’ve ever heard of past the Ministry of Finance if you’re both invited.
  2. Learning to dive together or helping your nondiving partner get into diving is a great way to strengthen a relationship. If you’re one of the divers who feels like their skin is drying up after going more than 24 hours without submersion, consider your significant other. Now, you can share your obsession…er, passion, and spend that time together. If you’re a novice or occasional diver, consider how much fun you’ll have either exploring the underwater world for the first time or pointing out the sights for your new dive buddy. Either way, you’re undertaking an activity that you both can share.
  3. If you or your partner have been diving or have some experience, continuing education courses not only give you great excuse to get back in the water, they’ll help you build some new skills or gain some new experience while you’re at it. Either way, you’ll likely have had some fun and become a more confident diver because of it.

Ok. That ways three ways. Anyway, in all fairness, I should also let the guruette tell her side of things. Alas, we’re out of time. Maybe next month.

Valentine’s Day might already have passed (thankfully so for some of you) but you can still give the gift that lasts all year long. Consider purchasing a PADI eLearning Gift Pass to get started. But, don’t forget, you can also head down to your local PADI Dive Center or Resort to learn more or get started.

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