With the holiday season well and truly here, festivities are well underwater. Er, I mean underway. But, paradoxically, all that activity can make a Guru feel a bit sluggish. Now, that might just be the overconsumption of comestibles talking, but the Guru is feeling less than energized these days. Well, it really isn’t a bad time of year to feel sluggish and in need of a change – it’s time for resolutions for the New Year. It’s a traditional time to shake things up, make those changes in life that you’ve threatened all year and breathe new life into your life.

Guru Resolution

Now, in the past, the Guru has had to chuckle, or sometimes outright laugh (some have called it a guffaw, but I’m not admitting to anything that sounds like a guffaw) when people scramble and fret over what to declare in their New Year’s resolution. Maybe it’s not fair, but that’s because the Guru makes the same resolution every year. And, it always works to breathe new life and spirit into the Guru household. Yep. No surprise what it’ll be. It’s diving. I know, shocking. But more than that, here are three reasons you should make diving more and doing more your resolution this year:

Guru Resolution

  1. “I have this, ahem, ‘friend’ that isn’t very active and wants to get out more.” This is an easy one! You can tell your “friend” or “cousin” or whoever you want to pretend isn’t you, that diving isn’t just about getting into the water. It’s about finding a whole community and activity base. You, or your “friend” can find an online community in ScubaEarth® and meet up with people in the real world for offline diving with PADI Diving Society. Diving is fantastic, but it’s a lot of fun when you have a bunch of people to share it with.
  1. It can make your fitness New Year’s resolution a snap to keep well past January third. Diving is an easy way to add some activity into your life. It’s fun and something you already love to do. So, diving in the New Year means you can feel good about keeping any fitness-based resolutions. Plus, if you’ve already made fitness a priority, it’s a fun way to add even more activity. Plus, keeping fit can make diving easier and more fun. As with any time you’re thinking of implementing or expanding a fitness regime, make sure you check with your physician to ensure it all goes to plan.
  1. Explore and to rejuvenate the spirit. With today’s hectic pace and busy lives, it’s quite easy to slip into a routine. And, if you’re not careful, that can seem mundane. The Guru has certainly had a Guru-full of feeling unfulfilled at times and diving is a great way to rekindle that zest for life. After all, the world is two-thirds water and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be exploring all of it.

It might sound really boring to have the same resolution every year, but it’s a great way to keep myself honest and in touch with what the Guru truly loves in life. The Guru certainly doesn’t ever want to become one of the people in the video living only one third of their lives. Plus, that haircut would look terrible on me.

So, if you decide to reprioritize your resolutions this year, check in with one of the more than 6200 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts around the world to see how they can help fulfill your new year.

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