Picture this: an old, grizzled, wizened Guru, sitting in a rocking chair on the porch – skin wrinkled with the water of many dives – breaking into that tired, old refrain, “Harrumph. Back when I was your age we didn’t have all this newfangled digital media. We just had a mask, fins, a BCD and a regulator. And we LIKED it.”

Guru What Do You Think?

Ok, perhaps it isn’t that bad, but the world has certainly transformed into a digital landscape, full of information, digital products and social media sharing. The dive industry has certainly seen its share of digital growth with things like online scuba programs (ahem, PADI eLearning®), digital certification cards (*cough* PADI eCards) and social media communities (a-ScubaEarth-choo).

(In case that wasn’t quite clear I was trying to subliminally tell you about the PADI stuff. Did it work?)

Kids these days, uh, I mean, um, divers these days have so many options to find what they’re looking for online. Back in the good old days (like two years ago, give or take six months), I remember having to look up information on multiple websites to find the scuba diving information I was after. Now, with ScubaEarth®, there’s no more Googling – I can find most of what I need at this one-stop website for everything scuba related. Now, with ScubaEarth Premium features, there are even more reasons to rely on ScubaEarth for all my online scuba diving needs.

What are the ScubaEarth Premium features? Check them out:

  1. I poke fun at my own ability to remember things but part of the benefit of the new digital world (and maybe some of the scary part) is that I really don’t have to remember everything anymore. With ScubaEarth Premium, for example, I can track my favorite dive destinations, dive buddies, critters and dive sites from my customized Dive Dashboard. It’s a hub of interactive slates that I can personalize so they’re set up just the way I like it. I loved my time diving in Palau, for example, so I’ve set up my dashboard to track specific sites in there. I can see the recently logged dives and dive conditions. Plus, I can see images posted by other ScubaEarth users in the area. It’s a great way to reminisce and daydream about my next dive holiday all at the same time.
  2. I’m a self-professed marine bio geek so I’m really into the Critter Finder library – it has detailed information and cool photos of just about any animal you’ll see underwater. Plus, when I don’t recognize some of the critters I see during a dive, I can make my positive identification using info in the Critter Finder. I’m way more confident when it comes to uploading and tagging images. And, I can take advantage of the aggregate data populated by other ScubaEarth users to find out where my favorite critters have been recently spotted. It’s real-time data so it’s not just something I can Google.

So, with ScubaEarth Premium features, I can immerse myself even more into my scuba diving lifestyle. Plus, I can’t wait to see what features and benefits will be added next. Now, the only question is, “Where do I go diving next?”

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