The 260km fringing reef that makes up the Ningaloo Marine Park is as synonymous with the beautiful Western Australian coastline as is camel riding along the western beaches with a sun filled horizon.

However, there’s more to Western Australia than just the scuba diving delights of Ningaloo.  So here are three other great diving hot spots to discover on the west side of Australia.

Rottnest Island

Just off the coast from Perth, Western Australia’s bustling capital, Rottnest Island is a true escape from the city. With 20 bays and 63 beautiful beaches this island is just as stunning topside as it is below. The coral reefs that surround the limestone atoll are a result of the strong Indian Ocean currents that sweep past, creating a series of caverns and hidey-holes, making the water a scuba divers playground. The incredible soft corals, diverse fish life and abundance of shipwrecks – thirteen in total – captivate divers and snorkelers alike. Perth based dive shops generally charter trips out to the island regularly, visit to locate at PADI Dive Shop.

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty, the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, takes you 2 kilometres out to sea without having to dip your toes in the water. However, donning some fins and a dive tank is strongly advised to really experience all that this unique pier has to offer.  With a maximum depth of 8 metres, this is a fantastic site for all level of divers. The underside of Busselton Jetty is a vividly colourful world that will thrill any underwater photographer. It is filled with a vibrant array of macro life including nudibranchs, and divers can also spy starfish, schools of yellow fin tuna and on the occasion a visiting dolphin.

Shoalwater Islands

Located off the Rockingham coast this marine park has its own designated dive park, which is characterised by the bed of seagrass that covers the sea floor, concealing a huge range of juvenile fish. Sea lions and little penguins make regular appearances within the marine park, with Penguin Island home to approximately 1,000 pairs who nest on the island over winter. The Saxon Ranger, a 40metre long former fishing vessel, which was purposefully sunk in the area is another star diving attraction.

Visit ScubaEarth to learn more about these and other great dive sites in Western Australia, or Locate a PADI Dive Shop to start your next dive adventure.

rottnest island

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