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diving for women

Scuba diving is becoming increasingly popular with women, but unfortunately there are still disparities between genders in this adventure sport, with a significantly higher number of men becoming certified compared to women. Read on for the top reasons why more women should become scuba divers.

Get fit and have fun

You do not need to be a marathon runner to be fit enough to dive. Nor do you need to be incredibly strong to lug around the equipment. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can dive. It is also a great way to maintain your fitness and its much lower impact than activities such as running.

Dive into a whole new social sphere

Diving is a social sport and you’ll be among both men and women with common interests who share your passion for the ocean. It’s not just about the people that you’ll meet from around the world when you’re on holiday – most countries have numerous diving clubs that meet for social evenings, plan trips together or just simply exchange tips and information.

Diving for Women

Take a look at a new world

Do you enjoy David Attenborough documentaries? Do you love learning and watching interesting animal behaviours? Underwater you can witness it for yourself. Whilst diving you are spoilt with a variety of marine creatures in their natural habitat. Watching animal interactions and behaviours is not only interesting, but you learn so much about our world on every dive.

Push your limits

Many non-divers are nervous before learning to dive, although your first dive is not going to be in the middle of the ocean. Your first dive will be in a swimming pool or confined water (similar conditions to a swimming pool) and your PADI Instructor will be with you every step of the way. You will start by learning basic skills to keep you safe and comfortable. You’ll also learn scuba diving theory so you understand what is going on around you. Only when you have completed these components, at your own pace, will you go into Open Water. It’s a very gradual transition which will only be made when you and your instructor are confident in your abilities.

I don’t have anyone to dive with…

Don’t have a dive buddy? Not a problem! Your chosen PADI Dive Center will team you up with another student diver. You’ll have a partner to learn with and be with someone who is in the same boat as you… literally!

I am a beginner and I don’t know how to start

Easy. Follow these steps;

  1. Ask your friends, colleagues and family if anyone would like to join you.
  2. Use the PADI Dive Shop Locator to find your nearest PADI Dive Center and contact them to book your program. You can choose between a one day diving experience (PADI Discover Scuba Diving) or, if you want to get certified, sign up for the PADI Open Water Course.

I did it years ago, can I do it again?

Absolutely, and you will be surprised how easily what you learnt previously comes back to you. Follow the steps above but ask for the PADI Reactivate Program – this is a short course to refresh your knowledge and skills so you are ready for your next dive. If you want to advance your skills and try new types of diving then sign up for the PADI Advanced Open Water.

Ladies, there is no better time to get started or get back in to diving than on July 15th which is PADI Womens Dive Day 2017. Join thousands of women divers around the world and dive in to a new YOU! Search for an event near you at

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