I am a huge advocate for learning to dive, and believe it is an experience everyone should get to go through. I am constantly telling friends and family that they just have to do it, and am trying to convince everyone I know that this is an experience they’ll never forget. I am often met with questions and a little hesitation, as people expect it to be rather difficult (I often have to answer the question; is learning to dive hard?).

In order to meet this hesitation, I often find myself going through some basic mistakes that are often made, and how to avoid them. I find this often calms down those that are hesitant!

Diving Mistake #1: Not relaxing

When heading under water for the first time you can quickly find yourself tense. Breathing under water is not something you’re used to, and it may be more difficult to relax than usual. In order to avoid this, try listening to your own steady breath, and keeping your eyes on your instructor. Seeing their calm manner in the water is sure to help you relax!

Diving Mistake - OK sign

Diving Mistake #2: Doing the thumbs up sign

I believe this is a common mistake for newbie divers (it sure was for me!). On land, the thumbs up sign means ‘OK!’, while under water it means ‘let’s go up!’. It is easy to forget to do the correct okay sign (holding your thumb and index finger together with the last three outstretched), so just try to match the signs made by your instructor.

Diving Mistake #3: Getting frustrated & stressed

This is slightly linked to the first mistake (not relaxing), and is related to performing your confined water tests. It is easy to get frustrated if you cannot do a task on the first try, which can often lead to stress and difficulty relaxing. The tip I want to give you here is to simply remember that all tasks are performance based, and that you are not in a hurry. Your instructor is patient, and it is more important to get it right in the end than to get it on the first try.

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About the Author:

Lisa Stentvedt is a travel blogger and writer from Norway. Follow her adventures on her blog Fjords and Beaches and on Instagram.

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