PADI’s newest app makes diving the Red Sea even easier. And you don’t have to be a diver to do it.

By Tara Bradley Connell


Thanks to the recent addition of the PADI® VR Scuba Planner, divers and non-divers alike can experience the underwater realms of the Red Sea. The PADI VR Scuba Planner, developed by I Love the Sea, is the newest addition to  I Love The Sea suite of virtual reality apps, featuring Red Sea experiences such as dive site tours, geo-positioning and route planning.   The real thrills come with the 360-degree views that give users virtual bottom time on some of the Red Sea’s most memorable dive sites, without ever getting wet.

Available on Apple and Android apps, the PADI VR Scuba Planner enables divers to plan 67 immersions in the Red Sea with tips and advice from PADI Pros in the area.  The geo-positioning and mapping feature allows for accurately planned dives accompanied by maps, photos, key information and illustrations to further assist with pre-dive planning. Each  dive site is also  shown in a 360 video, making it possible for each user to enjoy the dive from their mobile device in 360 or, to  maximize the experience,  through VR glasses.

The PADI VR Scuba Planner is available in eight languages and can be found here:

For Apple devices

For Android devices

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