This is it.   Wake up.   Take action.

 We all know the ocean (and lakes, rivers, quarries) need our support.  But exactly what type of support?  How can one person affect change and actually see it happen?  That’s why PADI and Project AWARE Foundation have teamed up to give the ocean a voice with  Sea the Change. It’s a viral conservation effort that let’s you see what fellow ocean lovers are doing to help. Your video can spur people around you to step up and take action. Submit a video. Vote for your favorite videos.  Spread the word.

Each month we’ll post some of the more interesting video entries right here in this blog.

Take action and share

Even if you’re not ready to submit a video today…if you just spread the word about this campaign, then you’re doing something good for the environment. Every little action counts towards change.  Wake someone up. Tell them about this conservation effort:

Share inspiring videos from this contest with your friends
– Leave us a comment about your favorite conservation efforts
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One thought on “We Want to Wake People Up!

  1. This is making me feel very guilty for not doing anything. I started believing that I needed to do my bit after watching the “The end of the line” documentary which basically predicts that there will be no fish at all left in the world by 2050 unless we change the fishing habits of the worlds oceans. I would be interested in any links or ways to do my bit. Inspiration gladly welcomed!

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