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January – Question of the Month: What/where was your favorite PADI Diving Society or Kids Sea Camp event? Haven’t been on a PADI Diving Society or Kids Sea Camp event? Then answer the question by letting us know where you’d like to go! Then you’ll be entered to win a free PADI Diving Society sun hat.

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20 thoughts on “PADI Diving Society Question of the Month – January

  1. I learned how to dive by taking a college course while getting my degree. Since then I have continued diving for the last 35 years. I have been diving all over the state of Missouri, which has some good diving sites. Did some ocean diving once in the Florida waters and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to be able to do more ocean diving in the future as I get closer to my retirement years.

  2. I just got my open water certificate over the Thanksgiving holiday and I am ready to dive into the sea to see what there is to see. I am up for just about any dive at any location. I’ve heard Tahiti would be a great place to dive.

    1. Congrats on your PADI Open Water Diver certification! Tahiti is a great destination for your dive travel wishlist. Check out the Dive Shop Locator on to find a PADI Dive Center or Resort in Tahiti.

  3. I just got my certification last year – its on my list of fears to conquer. I am anxious to dive in the ocean, as I haven’t been out of Pennsylvania. We travel to the Carolinas every year, but I’d really love to dive off a Caribbean island where the waters are clear and the wildlife is bright. I hear the ABC islands are perfect, but honestly I wouldn’t be picky at this point. I just really want to get into the ocean.

    1. Saskia – that’s so great that you conquered your fear and became a scuba diver! PADI Diving Society is hosting Total Submersion in Grand Cayman. It’s a great event for both new and experienced divers. You can get more information at And next time you’re in the Carolinas look up a PADI Dive Center so you can explore the ocean. Diving off the coast would be a great experience and it’s always fun to try new lakes, rivers, oceans locally and while on vacation! Happy Diving!

  4. I recently achieved my Master Scuba Diver certification after not diving for a few years.
    I have been diving in Texas, Southern California, and Hawaii. I have not been to any PADI Diving Society events, but my wish would be to go to the dive sites at Yap, Truk Lagoon and Palau.

  5. I learned how to dive as an adult in the Puget Sound which in March the water temperature was 52 degrees. My first open water dive was in Ambergris Caye, Belize. I’ve heard of so many beautiful places to dive and saw some amazing video’s taken. i would love to go to Islands off Thailand for my next big adventure under the sea!

    1. I want to go and see a wolf eel in Pudget sound any places that you know of that are great to deal with. I am headed to Belize in May for the full moon want to see a Whale Shark wish me luck. I Love to Dive….

  6. I Haven’t been on a PADI Diving Society or Kids Sea Camp event. So I am giving an answer by letting us know where I’d like to go which would be Turks and Caicos.

  7. At Yap, Truk Lagoon and Palau, Hawaii, Cozumel is always wonderful and Thiland- Phi Phi and Caymans my list is Long but the number one dive i want to do is Australia cage dive to see the Great Whites…. I dove in October with divers that were in their seventys it was so much fun i hope i am like them when i am their age. I love to Dive.

  8. I haven’t made any PADI Dive Society trips yet, but I hope to in the near future. I’d love to dive the Red Sea and then tour some of Egypt’s ancient terrestrial wonders during the same trip.

  9. My favorite PADI Diving Society event was Total Submersion April/May 2007. Certified in 2001 & with 49 dives I needed to increase my skill level. When Rick Gratowski from my dive club was named the 1st Sport Diver of the Year by Sport Diver magazine he received a trip to Total ‘Sub’ at Sunset House in Grand Cayman. I thought “Wow, if I go & dive on the boat with him & his wife I will learn so much.” I also took an Underwater Photography course from Cathy Church that week. It all changed my diving life. I go to Grand Cayman annually & have been on two of Cathy’s Pacific trips. I don’t get to dive as much as I’d like, living in Pittsburgh PA, but have logged 189 dives to date. Thank you PADI Diving Society.

  10. Just got back from O’ahu, Hawaii. We scuba dived with Waikeke Diving. The DMs were great and very attentive. We saw a whale pull a full breach on our way to the site. Lots of fish and sea turtles. What an awesome trip.

  11. Roatan Singles Event. Great week of diving, best musical chairs game i’ve seen, how many broken chairs LOL — gained friends and most importantly memories

  12. Actually, my favorite event/dive is always the next one I take…They are always different, and is always better than the last. I would like to help in the Boy Scout merit badge – and I wished they offered it when I went through Boy Scouts years ago…

  13. Favorite PADI… Sydney, Australia 1996, instructor Steve (I have pics!) Best trip with them ever to Jervis Bay. Typical Jersey girl attending Macquarie Uni student for a year. That Jervis Bay trip was truly a life changer!

  14. In all honesty, I’d really like to see a PADI event in San Diego, CA. You have a wide variety of dive conditions to chose from.

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