As a PADI Professional one of the most common things I hear from divers is that they would love to do their next PADI course but they don’t know if they can find the time. With most people working longer hours during the week it is a legitimate excuse for many… including this writer!

Divers completing PADI eLearning The more and more I hear this response, it seems that the problem isn’t finding the actual time to complete the inwater training of courses, it’s rather the thought of having to sit in a classroom for the day to complete the theory sections that stops a lot of divers from continuing on with their training.

It was only natural that back in 2007 PADI launched the PADI eLearning® program. Now you can study nearly anything online including completing a university degree from some of the world’s leading universities. Back then, PADI started off with PADI Open Water Diver Online in English. As the popularity of PADI eLearning increased, divers demanded new courses, and in turn, more languages. In 2013, there are now nine course available in up to nine different languages, and this is only going to increase with more online courses and more languages.

PADI DiversSo what is PADI eLearning in a nutshell?

PADI eLearning lets you complete the knowledge development sections of selected PADI courses online. Traditionally this section was completed in the classroom of the PADI Dive Shop before your course. With PADI eLearning you can complete these sections as long as you are online.

Yes that is right, if classrooms are not your thing, you can complete the relevant sections at your own pace. Whether this is in the comfort of your own home, on the daily bus or train ride to work, or you can even be a bit sneaky and complete the sections at work… in the lunch break of course! :)

If this sounds like the option for you, visit or contact your local PADI Dive Shop and they will be happy to help you!

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