We are pleased to introduce you to the new 2021 PADI AmbassaDiver team members! PADI AmbassaDivers are passionate divers, dive professionals, and ocean champions committed to elevating diving in their communities and across the planet.

In their own unique ways, this impressive group of individuals are sharing their love for diving, taking action to safeguard the health of the ocean, and inspiring others to follow their dreams to explore and protect the underwater world. We look forward to sharing these new AmbassaDivers’ dive adventures and conservation efforts throughout the year with all of you.

Paris Norriss

Paris is an outdoor enthusiast and host of the adventure travel show Guy in Dubai – with scuba diving and freediving playing central roles in his adventures throughout the show. To date, more than 15 million people tune in annually on Amazon Prime, OSN, and inflight entertainment systems on Emirates and British Airways. Originally from the UK, now based out of Dubai, Paris aims to inspire people to discover the world (above and below the surface), and to take action to follow their passions. Follow Paris on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.


Taylor Walston

Originally from California, Taylor now lives on the island of Oahu, Hawaii – where freediving has powerfully changed her life. As a professional photographer and ambassador with One Ocean Diving, she works to spread awareness about the importance of shark conservation and ocean preservation. In 2020, Taylor encountered more than 10 different species of sharks while exploring the underwater world, and reached a 3 minute static breath hold. Follow Taylor on Instagram and TikTok.



Doudou is an adventurer, diver, filmmaker, and conservationist with more than one million followers on social media in China. As a child, she was very scared of the water, and it wasn’t until she came across diving in 2009 that she actually overcame her fears and discovered the beauty of the sea. Since then, she has also become a certified freediver and has launched an incredible career in underwater photography and filmmaking. Doudou is the first female National Geographic Explorer from China, having worked on projects like Planet or Plastic and Extreme China.


Yukie Higashinita

Based in Japan, Yukie became obsessed with the charm of the ocean the very first time she went diving in Guam at the age of 20. Since then, she dives as often as possible – having explored dive sites around Izu, Okinawa, Miyakojima, and Ishigakijima. Her favorite experience was with a massive school of hammerheads off Mikomoto Island. Yukie earned her PADI Rescue Diver certification at the age of 24, and hopes to share the charm of the ocean with everyone she can. Follow Yukie on Instagram.


Miranda Krestovnikoff

Miranda has been traveling and diving the world for more than twenty years as a TV and radio wildlife presenter for networks like FOX and BBC. When she learned to dive while studying Zoology at Bristol University, she had no idea that diving would become such a major part of her career. When she’s not traveling, Miranda is a mother of two and loves diving the chilly waters around the UK. Through her work on and off screen, she hopes to connect people with nature and the need for conservation.

Photo by Adam Fradgley

Francisco Delgado

Born and raised in Patagonia, Francisco loves all outdoor sports and has worked in theater, radio, and TV through his career. After winning the show Big Brother in Argentina in 2015, he toured Riviera Maya, dedicating himself to studying marine conservation. He currently resides in Cozumel, Mexico with his 2 children, where he works as a PADI Instructor and adventure lifestyle social media influencer (with >600K followers) for brands in Latin America. Francisco’s strives is to introduce younger generations to the underwater world and teach them to respect and protect it. Follow Francisco on Instagram and Twitter


Xochitl Clare

Xochitl is a marine biologist and performing artist dedicated to climate change research and ocean science communication. Xochitl has firsthand experience with financial hardship and the socioeconomic barriers to interacting with the marine world – but kept her aquatic dreams afloat through books and media. Now, she is a marine biologist studying the effects of climate change on important fisheries species. Although Xochitl learned to swim as an adult, she has excelled in her aquatic journey and is now training to become a scientific diver. Follow Xochitl on Instagram.

Xochitl Clare is a new PADI AmbassaDiver

Tom Park

Tom is a photographer and filmmaker with a passion for creating underwater films and marketing materials for tourism boards and ocean-focused businesses. His work has been featured in an array of international magazines and galleries. He also regularly works with marine biologists to help safeguard his local Sydney waterways, and volunteers his time to support non-profit ocean conservation groups. Tom continuously aims to inspire others to protect the ocean, and hopefully experience the underwater world for themselves. Follow Tom on Instagram and YouTube.


Martyna Skura

Born and raised in Poland, Martyna has spent the last ten years traveling and working overseas. In Thailand she found her passion for diving and conservation, and since then became a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and EFR Instructor Trainer. She now lives in the Maldives, and is working towards becoming a PADI Master Scuba Instructor. Martyna aims to share her love of diving, the beauty of the ocean, and the importance of conservation with others. Follow Martyna on Instagram, Facebook, and her blog

Martyna Skura_PADIAmbassaDiver

Kaoruko Inou

Kaoruko has created a profession of her own: Underwater Reporter. After graduating from University in Japan in 2010, she has traveled around the world to report on and share her underwater explorations – including appearances on many popular Japanese TV programs. In 2019, Kaoruko became the first female Japanese certified whale swim guide in the Kingdom of Tonga. Follow Kaoruko on Instagram.


Just as this inspiring group of individuals are committed to seeking adventure and saving the ocean with PADI, we are committed to amplifying these AmbassaDiver’s missions to inspire more people to protect and connect with our water planet.

They are a motivating force in their communities, both above and below the surface, leading and encouraging others to join us in standing up for a brighter future for humanity and the ocean. We appreciate you – our global community of PADI divers – for joining us in welcoming our new 2021 AmbassaDivers!

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