Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu is made up of 83 islands and is the perfect destination for diving. Vanuatu is home to the well-known wreck SS President Coolidge at Espiritu Santo. Although many divers come to Vanuatu to dive this wreck, there are many other incredible dive sites to explore.

Although popular for diving, Vanuatu has just as much to offer topside as it does underwater, with quiet beaches, active volcanoes, delicious foods, incredible culture and friendly locals.

Whether you are after an adventure packed holiday wreck diving, abseiling and trekking, or a relaxing tropical getaway, Vanuatu offers it all!

Here a few of the top dive sites that Vanuatu has to offer:

SS President Coolidge, Espiritu Santo:

This wreck is one of the most famous sites to dive in Vanuatu. The once luxury liner turned US troopship provides divers with an incredible underwater experience. This well preserved wreck serves as home for a variety of tropical fish and turtles. Swim through the wreck and look out for the belongings and equipment of troops, as well as chandeliers and the statue of The Lady which shows evidence of the SS President Coolidge’s luxury liner past. This wreck is definitely a must do for divers!

Star of Russia, Port Vila:

At the bottom of Port Vila lies The Star of Russia, a relatively intact square-rigger. This ship was built by the designers of the Titanic and is now home to a variety of fish species.

Million Dollar Point, Espiritu Santo:

After WWII the United States military disposed of a large quantity of war machinery such as trucks, cranes and bulldozers here. This is an excellent site for both snorkelling and diving. Divers can expect to see a wealth of interesting wrecks, as well as many fish and corals.

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