Cabo de Palos, located on the Mediterranean coast in the Region of Murcia in Spain, is an exceptional place for diving due to its clear and calm waters, as well as its marine biodiversity. The Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve, about 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) off the coast, is one of the most popular areas with divers.

Underwater photography in the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve in Cabo de Palos, Murcia (Spain)

The Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve

This marine reserve was established in 1995 to both protect the area and help safeguard marine life, allowing it to evolve into the incredible habitat it has become today. Reefs rise from the depths to just below the surface like an underwater mountain range which attracts an abundance of marine life. This marine reserve boasts a wide range of species, including seaweeds, crustaceans and different types of fish. In addition, it is home to numerous wrecks, making it a very attractive destination for experienced divers.

Divers can also explore the coral reefs found in the marine reserve, home to a large amount of marine life, not forgetting the extensive seagrass beds. The marine reserve is protected by strict regulations, so divers must comply with certain rules to help ensure its conservation.

Underwater photography in the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve in Cabo de Palos, Murcia (Spain)

Cabo de Palos Dive Centers

Cabo de Palos has several dive centers where visitors can take courses, rent equipment and get information on the best places to dive in the area.

The area is definitely a destination worth visiting if you want to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean. In addition to being a very popular diving destination, it is currently experiencing growth in the industry with its dive centers operating at all times.

In June, the renovated Mangamar dive center will open, whose new owners are Course Directors originally from Holland. They spent several years running a dive center in Costa Rica before moving to Spain to showcase the beauty of this area for dive enthusiasts from all over the world.

The arrival of new professionals in the area is sure to add more options for visitors looking to explore the fascinating depths of Cabo de Palos and the Islas Hormigas to those sites already established in the area, and the remodelled dive center is a reflection of the growth and prosperity of the diving industry in Cabo de Palos.

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