Many people do a Discover Scuba Diving experience on vacation as a fun, one-off activity with friends or family. If this is something you’ve done in the past, perhaps you’re curious about the next level of diving but feel hesitant about the time commitment required.

Of course, everybody wants to relax on their holiday, and a multiple-day diving course can seem a bit daunting. However, we’re here to tell you how the jump from Discover Scuba Diving to the Open Water Diver will open up new worlds for you.

First of all, we recommend you check out this article on the differences between Discover Scuba Diving and the Open Water Diver course. If you have any ounce of interest in taking your diving to the next level, then here are some reasons why you should jump in and try out our Open Water Diver course on your next vacation!

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Discover More Ocean Life

Have you been dying to see a hammerhead shark or a Giant Pacific octopus? Well, the Open Water Diver course is your stepping stone! You will learn how to go to greater depths, handle a variety of ocean conditions, and explore all the bountiful marine life. Compared to your Discover Scuba Diving experience, you will stay in the water for longer stretches of time. You will also have the opportunity to explore many more dive sites during your course.

Additionally, getting your official Open Water Diver certification means you can sign up for dive tours with a lot more ease. You will also have more freedom on the dives, and you will be able to access more challenging and interesting dive sites.

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Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Ocean

When you are just trying out diving during the Discover Scuba Diving experience, you are getting a taste of the underwater world. However, with the Open Water Diver course, you’ll learn the many skills needed to go scuba diving independently with your dive buddy, like how to equalize or clear your mask. While that may seem more pragmatic than fun, these techniques will give you a deeper understanding of how to navigate ocean. You’ll also deepen your knowledge of ocean safety, which can be highly useful outside of diving. 

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Make Friends on Vacation

The Open Water Diver course requires a few days of commitment, but it is also an amazing way to make friends. Not only do you pair up with someone to practice the buddy system and different scenarios to protect each other underwater, you can also make friends with others in your class. You will become fast friends with your PADI Instructor, who can give you valuable tips on where to dive. 

Don’t miss out on making the leap from Discover Scuba Diving to Open Water Diver on your next vacation! To make the process easier, here are some tips on how to prepare for the course. If you’re ready to jump in, then click the button below to start your Open Water Diver course online now.

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