No one wants to be involved in an emergency situation but they can and do happen, and having the correct training to be prepared to help can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Not all incidents that require first aid skills are dramatic, or involve a life-threatening condition, but having confidence in your ability to deal with any situation can avoid escalation and inspire others to gain first aid skills.

The confidence to care can come from completing courses such as the Emergency First Response, as James had done as part of his Rescue Diver certification, only days before being involved in a situation on the train to work.

‘I was on the train on the way into work when someone ran into the carriage asking for medical help. Having completed my EFR® a few days previously, I felt confident to at least try and help.’

When another passenger on the train had become unresponsive James, with the help of other passengers, moved him to the floor. However, as they lowered the patient, he began fitting.

‘I put a jacket under his head to protect it. I then instructed the driver of the train to stop at the nearest station and call for emergency aid to meet us there.’

Once the man had stopped fitting James was confident in putting him in the recovery position whilst awaiting aid. During this time the man came around.

‘Having done the EFR course it made a huge difference in knowing both how to deal with the casualty medically, but also how to make the right choices in co-coordinating getting more medical help and organising the scene.’

We want to say a massive thank you to James for using his skills to support the casualty and the other passengers on the train.

Anyone can take part in an EFR course.  It not only helps you to react to emergency situations when diving but also when out of the water. If this story has inspired you to enroll onto an Emergency First Response® course then find your nearest instructor online here or use our Dive Shop Locator to find your nearest PADI dive shop and enroll on a course today!

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