Even the most devoted diver knows that sometimes life can get in the way of your favourite hobby. Initially you aren’t able to go diving for a couple of weeks, then it might stretch into a few months; before you know it, you’ve fallen out of practice and can barely remember the last time you hit the water. If you’ve watched a friend or family member go through that dreaded departure from diving, why not do them a favor and help them get back into diving. You’d want them to do the same for you!

Scuba ReviewThe many benefits of diving – physical activity, contact with the natural world, enjoying time with friends – can truly improve a person’s quality of life. Getting your friend back into the diving frame of mind might start with something as basic as a meeting over a cup of coffee. Bring up an old diving experience that you enjoyed together. It might just be the spark that rekindles their interest in diving.

Most importantly, if your PADI certified family member or friend wishes to get back into diving you want to ensure they are comfortable and capable in doing so. You then want to make sure they refresh their skills as needed. After a long hiatus from diving, someone might start to feel unsure of their skills and abilities but the PADI Scuba Review course is designed to address those very concerns.

The theory section is even available as a online option through PADI eLearning. It is always highly recommended that your family member or friend contacts your local PADI Dive Shop and speak to a PADI Instructor about what courses will be suitable for them to get back into diving.

Divers on a PADI Scuba Review

The PADI Scuba Review Course may be one of these recommended options. During this course divers review a number of topics to get them ready for the water again, including:

  • Safe diving practices
  • Dive planning fundamentals
  • Problem management
  • Breathing air at depth
  • Recreational diving and dive tables: basic knowledge
  • Recreational diving and dive tables: dive planning

It’s an easy way for anyone to brush up on skills – and might just be a great start to your next diving adventure!

Check out the PADI Scuba Review Course or contact your local PADI Dive Shop for more information.

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