We’re thrilled to unveil the GoPro PADI Distinctive Specialty Course, a new GoPro-specific distinctive specialty certification for certified scuba divers, providing training on how to use GoPro cameras, accessories and the Quik video editing app to become the ultimate storyteller and content creator. This collaboration aims to equip divers with the skills to unleash their creativity, capture breathtaking moments, and share their underwater adventures with the world.

Lisa Nicklin, Vice President of Growth and Marketing for PADI Worldwide, expresses the motivation behind the distinctive specialty course, stating, “We created this course with GoPro to give scuba divers a new superpower that enables them to capture and share meaningful underwater adventures. Learning to dive will change your life forever. Learning to capture and share content with your GoPro will inspire others to do the same while also raising awareness and action to help heal our shared blue planet.”

The GoPro PADI Distinctive Specialty Course offers divers a unique opportunity to elevate their underwater experiences. Divers will learn how to take their adventures to the next level through:

  1. Responsible Use of GoPro Cameras: Divers will learn how to use GoPro cameras, accessories, and mounts to capture stunning photos and videos both above and beneath the surface.
  2. Enhanced Storytelling Techniques: The course focuses on refining storytelling skills, ensuring that divers can effectively convey the beauty and excitement of their underwater journeys.
  3. Editing and Sharing with the GoPro Quik video editing app: Participants will gain expertise in editing and sharing their underwater content using the GoPro Quik video editing app, providing a seamless and captivating way to showcase their adventures.
  4. Promoting Ocean Stewardship and Conservation: The course emphasizes the importance of promoting ocean and environmental stewardship, encouraging divers to inspire positive change and contribute to the protection of our oceans.

Rick Loughery, GoPro’s Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, emphasizes the seamless connection between exploring the underwater world and capturing the adventure using a GoPro camera, stating, “Divers have been a big part of the GoPro community, using their GoPros to capture some of the most beautiful and inspiring images we’ve ever seen. Expanding our partnership with PADI will not only introduce GoPro to even more scuba divers, providing them with exciting new learning and adventure opportunities, it will also further GoPro’s mission to work with organizations that have a passion for ocean conservation.”

A freediver shot with GoPro under the waves
A scuba diver explores a helicopter while his friend records him using a gopro

As a testament to their commitment to ocean conservation, PADI and GoPro teamed up with Catalina Divers Supply and the Avalon Rotary Club for the 42nd Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup on Catalina Island last month. At the event, more than 600 volunteers and participants learned about ocean conservation, the importance of PADI AWARE’s Dive Against Debris™ and how diving can support local, national and international communities in the fight for ocean conservation.

For those ready to embark on this exciting journey, GoPro subscribers can enjoy a 15% discount on PADI’s core Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Rescue Diver eLearning courses until December 31, 2024. Additionally, PADI Club members are eligible for a 3-month free trial of the GoPro Quik video editing app.

Dive into a world of adventure and storytelling with the GoPro PADI Distinctive Specialty Course and learn to make a difference with your content.

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