As the new year rolls in, it’s a wonderful time for reflection. And as we reflect on the year past, it also lends itself to thinking of the year ahead. Our guess is that your time spent underwater this year is inspiring you to include the big blue in your new resolutions. If so, you’re in the right place. For divers that want to make an amazing year for themselves AND the ocean – here are four New Year’s resolution suggestions.

Earn a Conservation-Focused PADI Specialty Certification

Divers that want to resolve to further align their knowledge and skills with the world of ocean conservation, might want to consider one of our conservation-focused Specialty Courses. Dive Against Debris will give you the skills to pay it forward to the ocean by helping to clean it up on every dive. Coral Reef Conservation will help you appreciate the complexity of coral reef habitats as well as teach you how you can help conserve these vital ecosystems. AWARE Shark Conservation will train you to be a knowledgeable and passionate advocate for sharks, above and below the surface. Taking part in any of or all three of these PADI Specialty Courses will surely create positive change in your life as well as the lives of the animals that call the ocean home.


Reduce Single-Use Plastics

As divers, we are well aware of the negative impacts that plastics are having on the ocean. If you’re looking to incorporate more ocean-minded actions into your New Year’s resolutions, start with reducing single-use plastics. Minor changes to your daily life have the power to positively impact your health as well as the health of the ocean. Switch single-use plastics for reusables when it comes to everyday items like bottles, bags, straws, and toothbrushes, and you’ll surely be making a difference for the ocean.


Eat a More Plant-Based Diet

Overfishing, bycatch, and abandoned fishing gear are some of the most prevalent issues facing the ocean globally. Warming ocean temperatures and changing ocean chemistry – due to climate change – are also major issues threatening the health of our ocean planet. Making minor changes that allow for a more plant-based diet has the power to make big waves of change when it comes to health and sustainability. As we move into the new year, bring your love for the ocean into decisions about what ends up on your plate,


Contribute to Ocean Conservation Initiatives

Whether you volunteer your time, directly donate money, or fundraise for an ocean conservation organization, investing in the ocean protects our blue planet and allows the dive adventures to continue. If you want your resolution(s) for the new year to support grassroots action that can lead to real change, consider contributing to an organization such as PADI AWARE. When we work together, as a global network of divers and ocean-lovers, we truly have the power to protect and conserve the underwater world – especially when we incorporate the ocean and the strength of our community into our New Year’s resolutions.


Incorporating any or all of these four New Year’s resolutions into your plans will most definitely contribute to a New Year, New You, and New Ocean! From all of here at PADI – Happy Diving and Happy New Year!

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