In the European part of Russia near the Ural Mountains is the region of Perm Krai  and with that  lies the village of Orda.   This village probably doesn’t feature on many divers bucketlists, well until now probably.

The village of Orda is home to the Orda Cave which is the biggest underwater Gypsum cave in the world.  You’re probably all familiar with Gypsum from Drywall/Plasterboard and its found in most ordinary buildings.  But this cave is certainly anything but ordinary!

Not only the biggest underwater Gypsum cave it is also has the second largest volume of any in Eurasia with its galleries strecthing up to 5km.

We’re hugely thankful to Victor Lyagushkin an underwater photographer and journalist from Russia who led an expedition team of cave divers to take some amazing photos.

Victor comments on the challenge of taking these amazing photos that the water is extremely cold and that the water temperature is about 3C and surface temperate can be -20c.  I think you’ll all agree that these photos are certainly worth the difficult conditions.

Check out Victors website and the amazing worlds first 360 underwater cave panorama:

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