PADI AWARE’s policy work represents the goals of our supporters to the decision-makers who work on your behalf to ensure your voice is heard.

For conservation projects to provide long-term solutions to protect the marine environment, it is important that decision-makers in positions of power, such as governments and marine resource managers, develop and implement conservation policies to ensure a sustainable future for the ocean.

Our policy work is diverse and ranges from collaborating directly with governments to shape international agreements, linking local authorities to conservation initiatives in their area right through to providing opportunities for supporters to directly engage with officials at all levels.

At a high-level, out actions can be broken down into three categories:

Supporting Protection Measures

At the international level we have provided assistance to governments to ensure they commit to supporting global protection measures for vulnerable marine species such as sharks and rays. Currently, our focus in on protecting Mako Sharks in the Atlantic. Learn more about our progress here or check out the campaign pictures below.

Generating Information & Data

Our global citizen science programmes allow us to collect and provide expert information and data which help to shape policies to reduce adverse impacts.

Maintaining Conservation Focus

Using our policy networks we have helped connect officials with their local PADI operators and events in countries around the world, ensuring marine conservation issues are top of national policy agendas.

The marine environment is managed by public officials using public funds to look after our ocean. Our active engagement in the policy decision-making processes at all levels ensures that we represent you.

Consider supporting AWARE’s continued efforts by donating. All work is made possible by generous donors like you.

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