The next time you’re checking in for a dive, when other divers pull out their Advanced Open Water card or Deep Diver card, how’d you like to flash an Underwater Model certification card? If you’re looking for a unique scuba diving adventure, ask your PADI Instructor what distinctive specialties he or she teaches.

Individual PADI instructors can teach (with PADI’s approval) their own “distinctive” specialty courses. The course can be specific to an area such as Lava Tube Diver, or a particular line of work – Underwater Model, Helicopter Diver, etc.

If you have an inner marine biologist, consider taking one or more of Project AWARE’s distinctive specialties: Shark Conservation, Sea Turtle and/or Whale Shark Awareness. Read one diver’s experience earning his Manta Ray Distinctive Specialty.

Manta Ray

If you’re working towards your Master Scuba Diver rating, distinctive specialties count toward the five you need for this prestigious rating. Learn more about becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver.

PADI Instructors have developed some creative distinctive specialties over the years. Below are a few of our favorites from the archives. One of them in the list below is made up. Can you guess which one? Scroll down for the answer.

PADI’s Most Distinct Distinctive Specialties
Underwater model
Underwater Pilot
Helicopter Diver
Lava Tube Diver
Loch Diver
Submarine Diver
Available Light Underwater Photo
Zen Diver
Backpack propulsion
Golf Ball Diver
Spacesuit Diver
Sinkhole Diver
Future Perfect Diver
Magnetometer Diver
Railroad Yard Diver
Rock Identification
Sand Pit Diving
Underwater Game Player
Underwater Hockey
Underwater Wedding
Underwater Basket Weaving

Can you guess which of the specialties in the list above is one we made up? If you guessed Underwater Basket Weaving – nope, that one’s real! Read about a Boy Scout Troop’s recent underwater basket weaving adventure. The distinctive specialty that ISN’T real is:Underwater Rock Identification.

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