PADI Instructors, Divemasters and Assistant Instructors are amazing people. Experienced, hard-working and dedicated, these men and woman are in the business of changing lives. This April, we’d like to reward PADI Professionals who’ve gone above and beyond their regular duties. To do that, we need your help:

Was there a PADI Instructor, Divemaster or Assistant Instructor who made a difference in your life? Did he or she help you overcome a fear or difficult situation?

Tell us your story. Visit the contest tab on PADI’s Facebook page and tell us why your PADI Pro is the best (in 250 words or less). We’ll choose three winning entries and both you and the PADI Pro you nominate will win a PADI prize pack. See the contest tab for details and complete rules. Entries must be received on or before 30 April 2013.

Important: you will need the PADI Professional number of the person you nominate in order to submit your entry.

While every PADI Pro is remarkable in his or her own way, sometimes people have the same name. The majority of PADI Pros know their number by heart, so don’t hesitate to ask.

If you prefer to keep the nomination secret, here are some ways to find out someone’s PADI Pro number:

  • Nominating the instructor who certified you? Check the back of your certification card
  • Look for the number in your instructor’s email signature, on his/her website or on a business card. It will be a maximum of 6 digits long.
  • You can also¬† contact PADI for the information.

My PADI Instructor is the Best contest

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