Pascal Lecocq Shark painting

As divers we understand how inspiring the underwater world can be. For some, our blue planet inspires beautiful, moving, and even humorous art. There are many famous underwater photographers, but today we’d like to showcase a few artists who use a medium besides film and pixels.

Rogest Whale Shark Painting

Ron Steven, better known as Rogest is well-known throughout the dive industry for both his “dot paintings” and charitable work. Visit to see his bold and colorful art.

Vincent Mock Sea Turtle Sculpture

Vincent Mock is an artist who sculpts beautiful marine animals from the very hooks that endanger them. Read Project AWARE’s interview with Vincent Mock or visit his website

Shaaark and Diver

You know you’re part of the dive tribe when: some forwards you an email with a Shaaark cartoon. Australian cartoonist Phil Watson has created more than 200 shark themed cartoons and you can view them all at

Pascal Lecocq Scuba Diving Painter

Another popular scuba artist is Pascal Lecocq. His work has graced the covers of many dive magazines and his booth at regional dive shows is a must-see. View more of his work at

Do you have a favorite marine artist (non-photographer) we didn’t mention? If so, please leave us a note in the comments section

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