Marine Week - Scuba Junkie
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You may have seen on our Instagram Stories a series of posts about Scuba Junkie’s Marine Week – an annual celebration of all things marine.

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This year’s theme was ‘Paulauku Rumahku’ – My Island, My Home – with activities centred around community based conservation intiatives in Kota Kinabalu and Mabul in Malaysia and Derawan and Komodo in Indonesia.

Marine Week - Scuba Junkie

Working with Trash Hero Borneo, Trash Hero Indonesia, Anak Peduli Pantai and Green Semporna, the week focused heavily on reducing plastic waste through beach and reef clean-ups and then upcycling projects using the waste collected. Activities aimed to engage the local communities around the problems of plastic waste and encourage further community-based conservation.

“Plastic waste is a massive problem,” said David McCann, Conservation Manager for Scuba Junkie SEAS.

“It’s a global problem, but also an important local issue in all of Scuba Junkie’s locations. Marine Week was an excellent chance for us to coordinate our efforts and hopefully inspire more people to work together and encourage more community based initiatives against plastic waste.”

Marine Week - Scuba Junkie

Events around all locations saw huge success! In Komodo, Indonesia, the team were pleasantly surprised to find local school students had been inspired to host their own beach cleans!

If you want to see more about what Scuba Junkie are doing in their locations, visit their Facebook Pages for Komodo, Sangalaki, Kota Kinabalu and Mabul, or their conservation arm – Scuba Junkie SEAS

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