Part of you wants to celebrate because the scuba trip you’ve been planning for months is next week. The other part of you is dreading the fact that you have to pack all your scuba gear. You might be thinking, “what if I forget something?”.

You could end up having to rent dive gear from a local PADI dive shop. Sometimes renting dive gear can make divers feel uncomfortable. For example, you might not like the way rental dive gear fits you. Nothing feels as good as packing your personal dive gear. You know everything fits properly, works as it should, and is personally set to meet your needs. As travelers, we also want to make sure we don’t overpack.

Do you think you forgot something or packed too much? Review our Travel Packing List and Ultimate Scuba Vacation Checklist below to help prepare for your next scuba adventure.

Essential Dive Travel Items 

How To Pack

Another important thing to consider when traveling is what type of luggage will you be using to pack everything. It’s best to organize all essential items in a gear bag (like the one shown above). You should always check the weight and dimensions of your luggage with the appropriate airline. Whether you are checking your bags or you have items in a carry-on, learn how to pack your dive bag like a pro!

The Ultimate Scuba Vacation Checklist 

After you have your dive gear organized and checked off, you might be wondering “what else should I pack for my upcoming scuba vacation?”. Use this extensive checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your next scuba adventure: 

It is helpful to create a checklist, similar to the one shown here, to help you think about what else is necessary for your upcoming scuba trip. Are you going somewhere tropical? Or are you diving where both the weather and the water is cold?

Outside of dive gear and clothing, it is very important to consider what documents are needed to avoid any delay and/ or possible cancellations of the trip. Think about where you are going, where you are staying, the duration of the trip, and any personal documentation used to confirm identity. Checklists will depend on the type of diving you are doing, as well as the environment and conditions.

There are so many ways to help ease your mind before traveling. Don’t let the thought of packing stress you out. Let yourself enter a state of “blue mind”, ready to reach your destination fully prepared to blow some bubbles. Staying organized and using resources is a great way to help you achieve this!

Additional Resources

Are you missing a few items that were listed on our checklist? Head to PADI Gear to find some must-haves for your next scuba adventure.

Plus, make sure to visit PADI Travel for expert dive travel inspiration and responsible dive travel tips.

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