There’s no doubt that the global coronavirus pandemic has disrupted dive travel and operations in an unprecedented way. While local diving is slowly beginning to show signs of recovery where possible, travel limitations and restrictions are causing extra challenges for our beloved PADI Dive Resorts, as they are highly dependent on inbound visitors. Now more than ever, PADI Dive Resorts (and the dedicated people that rely on them for their livelihoods) need the support of our global community of divers and ocean-lovers. Here are six tangible things that divers around the world can do to support PADI Dive Resorts during this especially difficult time – and give them hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Tag Your Favorite Dive Resorts

Show support for your favorite PADI Dive Resorts on social media by posting pictures from when you last visited – making sure to tag the resorts! Sharing photos (from above or below the surface) and tagging the dive resorts that made those memories possible is a wonderful way to let the resort staff know that you appreciate them and that you’re thinking of the epic experiences you had there.

Sign Up for PADI eLearning® with a Resort

Signing up for a PADI eLearning course through your favorite (or dream!) resort is an ideal way to jump-start your next underwater adventure right from the comfort of your own home – while also supporting the resort. Explore PADI eLearning opportunities now, to complete the online portion of the course first, and then plan to complete the in-water portion at a PADI Dive Resort when possible.

Book a Future Trip

If you find yourself dreaming of a relaxing yet exhilarating vacation in an awe-inspiring destination, you can book a future trip now! Use our dive shop locator to find a PADI Dive Resort in your dream location, and make a reservation for a future date. A reservation at any one of these top notch resorts will help you (and the resort’s dedicated staff and dive professionals) get through these hard times.

Dive with Local Resorts

If there is a PADI Dive Resort in your local area, you can support them by booking a dive or dive course now or as soon as diving is possible where you are. Many dive resorts are open and implementing necessary safety precautions in accordance with global health recommendations and local ordinances. Use our dive shop locator to connect with a dive resort near you and start planning your #DiveLocal staycation today.

Share this Blog & Video

One of the simplest ways to show your support of PADI Dive Resorts is to share this blog article or the ‘Love, Your PADI Dive Resort’ video (above) on social media. By helping to spread the messaging contained in this blog, or the sentiments expressed in the video, you are demonstrating your support for the dive industry at large, and helping to strengthen our global community of divers during this time.

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