Have you ever been interested in scuba diving in Jamaica?

Ocho Rios, or Ochi, is located on the beautiful North East side of the island, in the parish of St. Ann, and is situated near the Jamaican Blue Mountains – and is a thriving tourist area with a beautiful underwater landscape.

Scuba diving in Ocho Rios allows divers discover the secrets and wonders of the Caribbean Sea – an experience you won’t forget. From challenging drift dives to underwater wrecks to explore, there are some great dive sites around Ocho Rios.

Here are some of the dive sites you shouldn’t miss:

Catherine Shipwreck

This shipwreck is one of the most popular dive sites in Ocho Rios. It is an old minesweeper, which was sunk in 50 feet / 15 meters. of water sometime in the 1980s along a cavernous reef system. The ship is approximately 120 feet / 37 meters in length. From the surface to the upper most part of the ship, it is 20 feet / 6 meters.

  • Things to see: barrel sponges, sea fans, sting rays, sergeant majors, flaming scallops, nurse sharks, caverns, lobsters, eels, sea snakes, hamlets, and snapper.

Jamaica Wall

A spectacular site for Advanced divers, this dive showcases a French-like reef at 60 ft.

  • Things to See: Atlantic spade fish, chubs, turtles, sharks, barrel sponges, sea fans, gorgonians.

Dickie’s Reef

Another dive for advanced level divers. This reef is relatively flat, however it tapers off very gently down to 60 feet / 18 meters. This site is also great for night dives.

  • Things to see: barracuda, lionfish, sting rays, crabs, lobsters, parrotfish, butterfly fish, chromis, damsels, barrel sponges, sea fans.

Devil’s Reef

Located just 3 minutes from the Sandals Ochi Beach Resort.

  • Things to see: turtles, Atlantic spades, eels, jacks, nurse sharks, barrel sponges, sea fans and gorgonians.

If you are excited to dive these sites, pack your bags and join the Sandals Dive & Jive event from 30 August to 4 September, 2017 at Sandals Ochi Beach Resort in Jamaica.

As they say about Jamaica… Once you go, then you know!

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