Image provided by Dr Richard Smith.

If you love underwater story-showing, tales of discovery, adventure and behind the scenes antics, you won’t want to miss the 2021 Underwater Tour live broadcast. For one night only, on the 23 May, you can experience an evening packed with entertainment, mystery and inspiration as you hear from renowned underwater photographers Aaron Wong, Dr Janet Lanyon and Dr Richard Smith about their adventures behind the lens – all from the comfort of your own home!

Underwater Tour - Aaron Wong - Jellyfish
Image provided by Aaron Wong

Event Speakers & Underwater Photographers

Aaron Wong – Underwater Photographer, Author & TV Personality

Famously known as one of Asia’s most published, recognized and sought after underwater photographers, Aaron has an incredible passion for the underwater world. Throughout his career, Aaron has won many awards and accolades for his stunning underwater images, some of which include BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Our World Underwater and Through the Lens. Not only is Aaron an established photographer but he has also authored two coffee table books, been a finalist in Singapore’s 2018 MasterChef TV show and recently, has become an adventure TV show host.

Aaron Wong - Underwater Tour - Photographer
Image provided by the Underwater Tour

Dr Janet Lanyon – Marine Field Biologist, University of Queensland Researcher & Dugong and Manatee Specialist.

Dr Janet Lanyon, is a marine mammal specialist who has published over 80 scientific publications on the diverse aspects of sea cows found in coastal areas throughout the Indo-Pacific region. From dugongs to manatees, Janet’s fascinating stories will captivate you as you take a look into the lives of some of the oceans most mysterious animals. When she’s not working at the University of Queensland, Janet sits on the scientific committee of the Sea World (Australia) Research and Rescue Foundation and is also the Associate Editor of the World’s leading marine mammal journal.

Janet Lanyon - Underwater Tour - Photographer
Image provided by the Underwater Tour

Dr Richard Smith – Marine Scientist, Underwater Photographer & Author

British underwater photographer and author, Dr Richard Smith, has had his work appear in a variety of publications around the world. Richard’s captivating photography and marine life features have resulted in him winning the 2019 Animal Habitat category in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition. Having just released his latest book ‘The World Beneath – The Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs’, Richard will give the audience a sneak peek of the incredible marine animals and stories you can find inside.

Richard Smith - Underwater Tour - Photographer
Image provided by the Underwater Tour

The Underwater Tour Awards 2021

This year the Underwater Tour ‘Guru Awards’ will be returning with the addition of two new awards, ‘Eco Hero’ and ‘From the Heart to the Ocean’. This means there are now nine prizes to be won across three awards – valued at over AUD $20,000!

  1. Guru Awards – Open to all photographers, the Guru Awards celebrate photography from above and below the surface.
  2. Eco Hero – This new award is open to individuals who go above and beyond to encourage positive ecological change within their communities.
  3. From the Heart to the Ocean – This new Max Benjamin award is open to all creatives inspired by the ocean and all of its inhabitants.

Find out more information on the Underwater Tour Awards including prizes, terms and conditions, competition closing dates and how to enter, on the Underwater Tour Website.

Underwater Tour - Janet Lanyon - Dugong - Manatee
Image provided by Dr Janet Lanyon

For more information on the Underwater Tour Awards, broadcast details and how to purchase tickets, please visit the Underwater Tour Website or Facebook page.

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