This week’s featured video will have you signing up for dance lessons. 

Entitled “Drops of Breath,” the piece was created by French choreographer Sophie Buebueyan and Greek choreographer Apstolia Papadamaki. The magical performance took place on September 26, 2015 at Cape Sounio, Greece.

In all, 14 performers took part in this beautiful underwater dance, including several disabled divers.

“I have been a dancer for 15 years, and I had specific difficulties with the floor, because in order to dance you need a floor,” said Irini Kourouvani, one of the disabled performers. “Suddenly I am on the sea bed, in the water, the floor disappears, and as a result my body is much more free down there, am doing things that I could not even imagine.”

40 lucky divers were able to view the performance underwater, while others watched by snorkeling on the surface or viewing from a projection screen on land.

underwater-dance-2 underwater-dance underwater-dance-3