Our video of the week lists all the reasons you should never fall in love with a scuba diver.

He’ll spend every weekend at the beach, and have an uneven tan.
Her hair will never be dry and her kiss will often be salty.

He’ll have a scruffy chin and own more board shorts than ties.

You’ll spend hours flying to places with no mobile reception
and travel miles into the rainforest with people you barely know.

He’ll insist you drink the local beer.
and if you admit to being afraid of sharks, she’ll laugh at you.

He’ll be fascinated by things other people find strange or ugly,
and bubble rings are her way of flirting.
No trip will ever be as interesting as the time he dove with a whale shark,
or the night she danced with villagers in Palau.

They dislike fancy dinners almost as much as wearing shoes,
and would rather immerse themselves in local culture than talk of settling down.

And they can spend hours staring at the ocean, not hearing a word you say…

Our thanks to travel blogger Adi Zarsadias at lovethesearch.com for inspiring this video!