Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a world-renowned scuba diving destination for its beautiful coral reefs and amazing marine life, but it also hosts a huge shipwreck, the SS Yongala, where everything you find is supersized.

The SS Yongala is the Great Barrier Reef’s major wreck dive, having sunk in 1911 during a Cyclone.

David Strain’s SS Yongala & Manta Ray Experience

PADI Diver and videographer, David Strain, describes his experience:

“As Manta Rays sat over the wreck in 15 metres of water facing into the strong current, gills open as an invitation to the resident cleaner wrasse before turning down current, gliding away then around to again take up position over the wreck. At times they would pass so closely that the downdraft from their wings could be felt only inches from my face. On occasions the manta would position itself directly above as if enjoying the bubble massage from my regulator. In 10 dives over 4 days I have experienced the changing moods, colours, light and amazing marine life of this truly awe inspiring place on earth.”