As our Video of the Week, MacGillivray Freeman’s expedition to Tonga provides a unique insight into the majestic nature of these marine mammals, unlocking their secrets through permit approved research.

Humpback Whale encounters in Tonga is a possibility from July to October when they migrate to breed in the warm waters. The enormous baleen whale, growing up to 15 metres/50 feet in length, feeds on small plankton and are absolutely incredible to see in person.

Although scuba diving with Humpback Whales is not permitted by law in Tonga, you can swim and snorkel with them via a licensed operator. You can contact a PADI Dive Centre in Tonga to learn more.

Tonga does provide scuba divers with many great dive experiences. Schools of barracuda and trevally, sea turtles, nudibranch, caverns and seascapes of coral are just some of the things on offer.

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This video is a portion of MacGillivray Freeman’s Humpback Whale film – see where it’s viewing near you.