There’s plenty to see off the coast of Mexico and its islands, as shown in the video above, but where do you have to go to see this amazing wildlife? We asked video creator, Christoph Weber


Where in Mexico did you dive to get these shots?

During this trip I did dives in Cabo Pulmo, which is a small fishing village on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja California, and in Isla Guadalupe, which is a small island in the eastern Pacific Ocean that belongs to Mexico.


What was the most memorable experience from the dives?

Having a great white shark passing by at arms length and looking me into the eyes was truly awe-inspiring.

I also loved being surrounded by massive amount of fish at Cabo Pulmo. I have never seen that many fish in one place before, and it was great experience.


During your time diving have you personally seen any impacts from humans in the marine life, or dive sites?

I have, but thankfully it was a positive impact!

Cabo Pulmo has been a national marine park for over two decades, and an UNESCO world heritage site for over a decade. The whole local community is involved in this project, and the results speak for themselves – the big schools of fish you see there on a regular basis is something you can hardly see elsewhere. A great example of how conservation can work and change things for the better.

I also was impressed how well the great white sharks of Guadalupe are protected. After a few incidents (nothing serious fortunately) in 2016 the marine park there has implemented stricter rules for cage diving in 2017, which are strictly enforced to make sure this is a safe experience for divers and sharks alike.


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