As one of my proudest achievements, it’s safe to say that becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor – and working as one – has taught me a lot about many things. One of those things is myself.

The life of a diving instructor is exciting, fun, and endlessly fascinating – but it’s not always easy. As a job that demands physical fitness, mental strength, and emotional resilience, it can also be very tiring. The responsibility of keeping people safe underwater is a big one, and a diving instructor needs to be ready for anything, from changeable conditions and bad weather, to equipment malfunctions. The skills you learn as an instructor aren’t just for the water – you can put them to good use back on land, too.

It’ll boost your confidence

Becoming a PADI diving instr

After becoming a PADI diving instructor every day will bring a new challenge – something you’ve never seen, heard of, or done before. And it’s up to you to face those challenges with your best battle-smile on! Because you’re working with a lot of new people in potentially stressful situations, people skills are a must. I am much more confident when I meet new people now than ever before, as well as in my ability to stay calm under pressure.

You’ll meet amazing people

Become a PADI diving instructor and meet interesting people

Diving has taken me to some incredible places to see some amazing things, both above and below the water. It’s also meant that I’ve met all sorts of different people from all sorts of places. I’ve dived with ex-nuclear submarine pilots and Iron Man finalists, and I taught my partner how to dive (twice).  I feel very lucky that I’ve had the opportunity for so many different experiences, and I hope to never forget them.

You’ll learn to take pride in your achievements

There’s nothing more rewarding than someone telling you ‘wow – I never thought I’d be able to do that. Thank you!’

Having someone enter the water nervous and unsure of themselves, and coming out a confident diver with a new-found love for the ocean and respect for themselves, is an amazing feeling. And they couldn’t have done it without you, so make sure take some time for yourself and realise how much you’ve helped someone to achieve their own goals. People make huge emotional investments when it comes to diving, so if you can build someone’s confidence, or teach them something new, then you should be proud of yourself, too.

The journey to becoming a (great) PADI diving instructor is challenging, rewarding, and never-ending. There’s always something new to learn, see, or do, so as long as you stay open-minded and confident in yourself and your abilities, it’s a journey you’ll enjoy more than any other.

About the Author

Originally from the UK, Liz Wilkie has been working, writing, and diving her way around Asia, Australia, and Europe since 2010, and is currently a PADI MSDT in Cyprus. She’s trained in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, and teaches English Language during the off-seasons. You can find out more about Liz here and here

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