To celebrate International Youth Day, we asked Dorian (age 10) of Dive Into Life to tell us a little bit about his scuba diving experience so far. Dorian, who resides in Germany, recently qualified as a Junior Open Water Diver in Egypt.

Why I Wanted to Learn to Scuba Dive

Hello, my name is Dorian, and I love scuba diving. My mother is a PADI AmbassaDiver and is also a diver, so she inspired me to try it. Did you know she even went to dive in a cenote and even went into pure poison for a few seconds fearlessly? I knew underwater was an amazing place where you can find stuff like rare fish.

why I wanted to learn to dive - interview with Dorian from Dive Into Life
Image courtesy of Dive Into Life

My First Dive

We went to the Maldives and tried it out, and I loved it. It is amazing what lives underwater. From colorful corals to amazing fish. Before I started diving, I wanted to see sharks and mantas. I have never witnessed something so amazing. At that moment I had to be very brave. How would you feel if you had to swim with sharks? 

eLearning and Knowledge Review

In 2022 at Easter, I was allowed to do the Junior Open Water Diver course, because I was 10. So I did the eLearning. The questions were not so tricky. I just answered 50 questions on the final test. Then, I reviewed the hazards with my PADI Instructor. Of course, they are easy to avoid; you just have to be careful.

why I wanted to learn to dive - interview with Dorian from Dive Into Life
Image courtesy of Dive Into Life

In the Water

Amazing views, shallow depths and clear visibility. Parrot fish gliding by and mantas like angels. Nature was aiming for perfection. I love the extraordinary colours of corals and cool shapes of fish, like the flat moonfish.

As part of the PADI Junior Open Water Course, I did 5 dives and I completed my whole training in a shallow lagoon.  I had to take my mask off and throw my regulator away and get it back in my mouth. The most difficult exercise was taking off my mask. But, what I liked the most is training to be a good diver. After all that I felt good and proud of myself because I managed. In total, I have done 7 dives in my life so far.

Thank You, PADI

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