We seem to increasingly live in a world that is dominated by social media. A world in which everyone portrays their ‘best life.’ Where Photoshop, image enhancement apps, background removers, and filters rule as King. Do you ever wonder where the line is between real and fake, or fake and too fake, or whatever happened to natural beauty? If this sounds all too familiar to you, the underwater world could be your dream getaway.

purpose of scuba diving

Purpose of Scuba Diving: Fakery Free #LiveUnfiltered

Scuba diving is one of the only sports or hobbies where we are all on a level playing field. There are no filters, apps, or fakery when you get underwater. When you immerse yourself beneath the surface, what you see around you is real – and you are right there in the moment. The breathtaking beauty of a vibrant coral reef, the towering majesty of kelp forests, and the magical beams of sunlight as they stream from the surface don’t need saturating, tweaking, or enhancing at all.

And it’s not only the refreshing lack of fakery that tempts people to dive. Imagine not being pinged, no group chats, no calls, and no emails. No reminders, notifications, or alerts are going to bother you while you are diving. Diving is strictly a device-free activity – apart from your dive computer!

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Purpose of Scuba Diving: Escaping Technology Overload

Being away from your technology relieves stress levels, so why don’t we leave it behind more often? The fact is that most of us can, but the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves and others have driven a need to feel connected at all times. It’s like the world has developed an intense case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). But what are we missing out on by engaging with this FOMO? Peace, quiet, and calm!

Purpose of Scuba Diving: Stress Release

Scuba diving forces us to do several things that are widely recognized as stress relievers, including focusing on our breathing and being present in the moment. When underwater, it’s easy to focus on the rhythmic pattern of your breathing (to a soundtrack of inhales and bubbles). It’s also easy to let go of the stresses of what happened yesterday or what may or may not happen tomorrow. To many divers, scuba diving is akin to a meditative or mindful state where you are only in the present moment and in awe of what is happening around you.

Many stress counselors recommend taking time out amid nature too. And there’s no better way to do this than by exploring the biggest natural eco-systems on the planet – the ocean.

purpose of scuba diving - exercise

Purpose of Scuba Diving: Exercise

Another benefit of scuba diving is that although it is relaxing, it is also exercise. Exercise is one of the best ways of releasing endorphins (also known as happy hormones). Exercise is a great stress reliever, and being physically fit is also important to maintaining mental and emotional fitness too.

Purpose of Scuba Diving: Community

There are multiple other ways in which being a scuba diver can contribute to your mental health and wellbeing. Scuba divers are social, and there are scuba diving clubs in towns and cities worldwide. By nature, human beings are social creatures, and spending time with like-minded people is a great way to unwind while developing real-world, offline relationships. Learn more about the social side of scuba diving here.

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Purpose of Scuba Diving: Travel

It seems obvious to say that holidays are a great way to relax and achieve some downtime, but they are! Scuba diving opens up, literally, a world of travel opportunities. For solo travelers, there are opportunities to travel with dive groups – or simply meet people at the dive center, resort, or liveaboard you opt for. Wherever you go and with whom you go, you are bound to make friends with other divers. And, unlike when you meet people at a hotel pool or restaurant, you will instantly share an experience together and know that you have something in common – a love of diving and the ocean!

Learn more about creating the right mindset to start diving in this edition of the PADI Blog.

Are you ready to get offline and get real? Then it’s time to #liveunfiltered and go diving!

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#liveunfiltered beneath the waves for a break from the topside and a taste of reality.

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