Passionate divers looking for a more unique dive experience should consider the array of benefits that come through liveaboard diving through a PADI Dive Shop. Diving multiple times a day, visiting remote dive sites, nights filled with stars as far as the eye can see and even a bit of pampering make liveaboard diving a little slice of heaven for scuba enthusiasts.

If you want to get away from the doldrums of everyday life, there’s perhaps no better way. Liveaboard diving means you’ll be in great company with fellow divers and you’re sure to make new friendships that last a lifetime.

dive-liveaboardYou’ll also enjoy the benefits of diving with a skilled crew and captain who can get you to those unique sites and tell you exactly how to get the most out of the experience. It doesn’t hurt if the staff greets you with a warm towel and a cold drink after your dive either.

Because liveaboard trips are one or more days in length, you can truly settle in and really focus on enjoying your diving. Dive multiple times in a day if you desire, and during downtime, relax with a good book and enjoy the scenery. Some liveaboards even have amenities like hot tubs built in for extra relaxation.

Being on the water for multiple days means you’ll miss the local nightlife, but that doesn’t mean the evenings won’t be lit up, only it will be with nature’s own lightshow. The moon and stars on the water where space is uninterrupted by man-made light is breathtaking, and a sight every diver should experience.

Foodies delight in liveaboard diving too! Because meals are often part of the experience, you’ll get some of the most authentic cuisine available. Local chefs will prepare meals with unique flare, so you’ll fill up on wholesome food and taste the exotic flavors of the destination.

With so many benefits, why not make a liveaboard excursion part of your next vacation? Locate a PADI Dive Shop to learn more about options in the areas where you plan to travel. You’ll start your adventure with enthusiasm and leave with an experience of a lifetime!

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