Australia’s island state is well known for its remarkable natural beauty. So it is no wonder that the diving on offer is equally stunning. Here are 5 reasons why Tasmania is a must for your 2015 dive adventures.

1. Huge Diversity – The combination of the Tasmania’s geographical position, climate and the ocean currents that pass through, produce one of the most biologically diverse marine environments in the world. These include kelp forests, seagrass beds and sponge gardens, making for a lot of opportunities for underwater exploration.

2. Dive in a Ships Graveyard – A sight not to be missed, this dive site off Betsey Island is filled with rusting and decayed, metal and wooden vessels. Make sure you’re a certified PADI Wreck Diver before descending below to really take advantage of this unique dive site.

3. Quartzite Reefs – Take the plunge at either Rocky Cape, or Boat Harbor and discover the incredible invertebrates that shelter within the jagged reef structures.

4. Superb Visibility – With the water temperatures a little on the colder side the resulting crystal clear water really showcases the underwater terrain, and makes spotting the vast array of fish life an absolute pleasure.

5. No Boats Required – Welcome to the land of shore diving. With many of the hot dive spots located just of shore, and most reachable by small boat, diving Tasmania is very convenient.

Learn more about diving in Tasmania or Locate a PADI Dive Shop to begin your Tasmanian Dive escape!


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