Sea creatures form friendships from the least likely of pairings as underwater relationships provide symbiotic benefits to both animals.


Crabs and Sea Anemones

Crabs choose to partner up with poisonous sea anemones by either holding them like weapons to fend off predators or attaching them to the tops of their shells. In turn, as the crabs move through the water, the sea anemones are given easy access to food floating in the current.


Shrimp and Gobies

The relationship between the shrimp and the goby is one part builder and one part protector. As the builder, the almost-blind shrimp digs a home out of a hole while the goby stands guard until it’s safe to move in. After settling in, the goby then makes sure the coast is clear before the shrimp can leave the safety of the hole in search of food.

Shrimp Gobies - Sea Creature Friendships

Eels and Cleaner Shrimp

Almost like an underwater spa, cleaning stations act like meeting grounds for eels looking for a quick cleaning and cleaner shrimp looking for their next meal – mouth parasites. Yum!

Eel-shrimp - Sea Creature Friendships

Sharks and Remoras

The tough skin of the shark is the perfect place for hungry remoras to attach on with the hopes of catching some scraps from the shark’s next meal. In their downtime – and as a sweet show of appreciation – the remoras keep the sharks clean by nibbling on parasites found on the shark’s underbelly.


Clownfish and Sea Anemones

Immune to the poison of the sea anemone, the clownfish makes its home in the comfort of the anemone’s soft tentacles. In return for offering protection, the anemone benefits from the clownfish’s stellar housekeeping skills as it eats the leftovers from other fish that have come to their fatal end due to the anemone’s deadly toxins.


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