Known as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’, Fiji is a world-class destination that should be on every diver’s bucket list. With some of the most colorful coral reefs on earth, it’s no surprise why divers flock here. If you’re interested in marine life, Fiji has it all. From their world-famous shark dives (bulls, tigers and reef sharks) to rays, turtles, and over 1,200 different species of fish, this destination is an underwater naturalist’s dream. If you are trying to decide between dive destinations in Fiji, here are our top 7 recommendations for divers (in no particular order).

1. The Supermarket

Located close to Nadi in the Mamanuca Islands, the Supermarket used to be used regularly for shark feeding but is now only seldom used for this activity. There are still the telltale signs of rocks piled up that guests used to kneel behind to see the show, and there are still a lot of sharks in this area. As you descend onto the dive site, you’ll see reef sharks circling below you, and as you reach the bottom, you might even spot a few coming closer to investigate. Once you’ve had your fill of sharks, you will drift around the corner where you can take in the vibrant coral reef wall packed with many marine life species, such as turtles, rays, and a plethora of reef fish.

Yellow Tail Reef Fish - Reef Fish - Coral Reef

2. Namena Island

Namena Island is one of the best places to dive in Fiji. It boasts deep pinnacles, drop-offs, and even the occasional hammerhead. Located in the northwest of Fiji, you can access Namena Island from Savusavu, and on the Namena Barrier Reef, you will see everything from beautiful corals to a myriad of reef fish, turtles, and sharks. If you’re an avid underwater explorer, then this dive site is for you!

Mantaray Island Fiji

3. Mantaray Island

As the name suggests, if you want to see manta rays during your trip to Fiji, then this is the place to visit! For chances of a manta ray sighting, it is best to visit from May to October, which is when there is the most manta ray action. Manta rays appear to visit the area for feeding, mating, and to visit the cleaning stations that can be found here. Watch carefully as the tiny cleaner fish go to work on the manta’s gills, fins, and around their eyes and mouth, while the manta patiently hovers off the reef. It’s an awe-inspiring sight to observe these gentle giants of the ocean swoop overhead, glide, bank, and cartwheel in Fiji’s plankton-rich waters.

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4. Astrolabe Reef

Known as one of the top dive destinations in Fiji and located in the southwest, Astrolabe Reef is world-famous for its pristine corals and marine life. Here you can spot anything from manta rays, sharks, and turtles to the beautiful reef fish that call Fiji home. The Astrolabe Reef can be found in an extremely remote location off of Kadavu Island. While this dive site is quite hidden, there are several liveaboards and PADI Dive Shops that regularly visit the area.

5. Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon is possibly the most famous of all dive destinations in Fiji. Known as the ‘Shark Capital’ of the Pacific, Beqa Lagoon is located in Pacific Harbour on Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu. With shark dives being conducted daily, you can expect to see up to 50 bull sharks on just one dive. However, if you’re not into diving with the bulls, you can also sign up to dive with the tiger sharks, silver tip, grey, white tip or black tip reef sharks, lemon sharks, and so much more. Shark diving at Beqa Lagoon is an experience that every diver should have on their bucket list.

Bull Shark - Dive Destinations in Fiji - Beqa Lagoon

6. Rainbow Reef

Among the most stunning of dive destinations in Fiji is Rainbow Reef. This beautiful dive site is one of the world’s most famous – and for good reasons. The ‘Great White Wall’ ranges from 8 – 40 meters/26 – 131 feet, which means it’s perfect for beginner divers and pros alike. This wall is covered with some of the most colorful soft and hard corals, reef fish, and unique marine life. Located just off the coast of Taveuni Island, Rainbow Reef is a dive site not to be missed.

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7. Bligh Water

It’s impossible to research ‘diving in Fiji’ without coming across Bligh Water, also known as Vatu- I- Ra Passage. The passage is the stretch of water that separates Fiji’s two largest islands – Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. This area of nutrient-rich water is world renowned for its marine biodiversity and kaleidoscopic soft coral reefs. When diving here, you can expect to see reef sharks, turtles, schools of pretty damsels, and beautiful anemones.

Dive Into Fiji!

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If you have any questions about where to stay and dive in Fiji, get in touch with our experienced PADI Travel Team. They are extremely knowledgeable and are here to help you choose the best destination and operator for your needs.

Written by Chris Hailey

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