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Beautiful natural rock arch near of Ayia Napa

Here are 5 reasons why you should complete your dive training in Cyprus.

Cyprus, located in the most eastern part of the Mediterranean, is a superb place to become PADI Open Water Diver certified. It is a first rate destination to take your training one step further too, whatever your current level.

It’s so hot it’s cool

Cyprus is hot, I mean really hot. With summer temperatures hitting up to 45°C the only place to cool off is either in your hotel room using the air conditioner (snore) or in the water (yay!).  Your hotel pool will offer a little relief, but the sea is a much better choice. Lilos may be fun for some, but if you like a bit more activity when you’re cooling off then scuba diving in Cyprus is for you. We lose heat 20% faster in water than in air, so when the sun is turning you into a piece of dry cured bacon it’s time to start dive training. Summer water temps can be warm enough to dive in just a bathing suit – or at most a very thin short wetsuit which is super easy to get in and out of. How cool is that?

Having fun dive training in Cyprus

It’s fun

Scuba diving is fun anywhere, but scuba diving in Cyprus takes fun to a whole new level.

Diver training takes you away from normal life, away from the stereotypical holiday and into adventure town. You will bond instantly with your classmates, making your holiday richer and more fulfilling. It’s fun to make friends. It’s fun to dive. It’s fun to explore. Picture this: You wake up, have a devilishly divine hotel breakfast, before your scuba instructor whisks you away to explore the Mediterranean Sea. You meet your new dive buddy and fellow student diver and you instantly bond. Underwater you master your new scuba skills with ease and marvel at how much simpler scuba diving is to how you imagined it. You finish for the day and then you and your new friend help each other with your homework poolside. You can hardly call it studying. It’s just fun, fun, fun at every turn!

3 Loads of dive sites

Cyprus may be small, but it has multiple dive sites packed into a super concentrated array of choices. Less driving = more diving.  You will dive at one spot, hop in the dive truck and within 10 minutes you are at a completely different site – you don’t even need to take off your wetsuit! The majority of dive sites are accessible by shore too – so if you go a little green when you’re on a boat then Cyprus is the perfect place to complete your dive training

Cape Greco quiet dive training in Cyprus

4 It’s quiet underwater

Agia Napa in Cyprus is a party town, full of clubs, bars, young children, hen nights and quad bikes. It can be loud at times.  If fact, it can become a cacophony of unwelcome sound. Scuba diving is a tranquil paradise in comparison. Underwater everything is silent. Everything is calm and slow and blue. When you complete your dive training in Cyprus you leave the deafening holiday world at the surface. You may be learning new skills, but it’s so peaceful underwater that your whole being becomes more relaxed – even your aura will take on a slightly gentler hue.

5 Small classes

Cyprus may be small, but the choice of dive centers is immense. This is great news for you, the student diver, as it means that your diver training will be with fewer students in any one group. Smaller groups mean more attention, allowing you to master skills more quickly and get to know your instructor better.


If that’s not enough for you, then check out the second half of this article: 5 More Reasons to Complete your Dive Training in Cyprus.

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