One of the best parts about diving is sharing the experience with others. While most of us make friends through diving, some of us are lucky enough to find a significant other who also loves scuba. For those of you who believe your partner looks their best in a wetsuit, here are five reasons why diving with your partner is so great.

They’re invested in your safety

We all know how important it is to have a good dive buddy. When you dive with your loved one, you know that they have your best interest at heart and care about keeping you safe. You’re also more likely to be familiar with each other’s skill sets, comfort levels, and needs, which goes a long way in having a successful and fun dive. The trust and familiarity between couples can make them a perfect match both above and below the waves.

two sharks in South Africa

Diving strengthens teamwork

Being a scuba couple means working together, from planning a dive to your post-dive debriefs. Many couples even train together. As a team, you pick your next dive site, research new gear, help each other get ready, and more. Whether you’re planning a week-long dive vacation or a local morning dive, the two of you can bond over the excitement, preparation, and lifestyle.

It inspires your inner travel bug

When you dive as a couple, it pushes you to get out and adventure together. Diving together can be the push many couples need to make the vacation they’ve been talking about for years finally happen. And when you share the activity, you can pick destinations based on their diving without leaving your partner out.

two humpback whale tails

You understand each other

As a couple, you can develop your own style of saying so much more to each other than the basic signals. Many couples are able to tell exactly what their partner is thinking and responding to by their body language, facial expressions, and excited made-up-on-the-spot hand signaling. You start to come up with your own signs for things too, creating your own language to dive with. After years of diving together, you become experts at understanding each other.

You get to share your passion

Seeing the look of wonder on your loved ones face can be just as amazing as experiencing that wonder yourself. Plus, sharing a passion for diving means you have someone to talk to about every awesome detail of your dives. Being able to reminisce over your underwater experiences for years to come is something special. Each time you see something amazing while diving, you know you can share that memory with your favorite person for years to come.

two divers explore wreck

Do you dive with your significant other? Let us know what you love most about it!

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