A diving holiday can lead to better sleep, greater productivity, maybe even a promotion – and we have the stats to prove it! Taking time off is time well spent, let’s review the scientific evidence.

#1 Failing to use your vacation time puts you at risk for serious health issues. The long-running Framingham Heart Study found:

Holidays are Good for Your Health

#2 According to numerous studies, vacations improve your physical and mental health, and the effects are long-lasting. A study by the University of Vienna found participants reported fewer physical complaints five weeks after their holiday ended.

Here are a few more scientific examples of how vacations improve overall wellness:

  • After taking a vacation, employees report work-related tasks are easier
  • Even a short, three-day holiday can reduce perceived levels of stress and actual levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Vacations reduce depression and anxiety by removing the person from a stressful environment

Why People Don’t Use All Their Vacation Days

Many countries make vacation time mandatory; however, more than half of U.S. workers don’t use all their vacation time – a measly 10 days/year on average. Millennials leave the most vacation time on the table.

  • About one-third of people are afraid of falling behind at work
  • Another third aren’t confident others can take care of things while they’re away.
  • Other concerns include being absent for important meetings or a belief that being out of the office makes them seem less dedicated.

#3 Vacations are scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve productivityespecially when the person visits a warmer climate. Not taking a vacation because you’re worried about work is completely backwards.

Book a Diving Holiday, Get Promoted

#4 An internal study of more than a quarter-million employees at Ernst and Young found: for every 10 hours of vacation time used, an employee’s year-end performance score increased by 8 percent.

#5 Another study found workers who used most or all of their vacation time to travel were more likely to get promoted compared to people who used little or none of their time off to travel. Frequent travelers were also more likely to report receiving a raise, bonus, or both.

Make the most of your annual leave. Explore the world and expand your horizons. Contact your local PADI® Dive Center about upcoming trips, or visit PADI Travel® and start a live chat with a dive travel expert.

How to Avoid a Workcation

While you’re on holiday, don’t get trapped into a workcation. Answering emails when you’re supposed to be offline sends mixed messages and is confusing to your boss and co-workers. Not to mention, it completely defeats the purpose of taking time off.

If you don’t think you can fully unplug, enlist a dive buddy to hide your laptop or mobile device. Better yet, book a liveaboard. Once you’re underway, you’ll leave the internet and all your problems behind. Learn more about what to expect from a liveaboard diving holiday.

Real talk: no one on their deathbed says, “I wish I spent more time at work.” Don’t let office politics dictate how you live your life. Book that diving holiday and do something good for your health and your career.

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