My name is Brandee Anthony. I am a PADI AmbassaDiver and have been a professional mermaid for over 6 years. To me, being a mermaid is being a steward of the ocean.

The ocean needs a voice, and those who dive are in such a beautiful position to do just that. Mermaiding is such a wonderful and whimsical art form that helps bridge fantasy with reality in an artistic way. I work with a ton of kids in my line of work, and let me tell you when they hear something from a mermaid – they don’t soon forget it. It is so important to teach our youth why they should care for the ocean and give them actionable steps to do so – and this, of course, goes far beyond the youth. Anyone of any age can start getting involved in conservation efforts, and that’s exactly what I aim to help do. 

With my company Mermaid Freedive, we use the message of a mermaid to help teach and inspire others to take action in helping out our big blue.

Whether that be organized underwater and beach clean-ups, education in our classrooms, reducing our footprint,, or creating content that raises awareness. I have found that when you can create a collective where people feel like they belong and have the tools to make a difference, they really do. In most cases, I hear “I love what you’re doing, but I have no idea how to get into that.” Many people out there want to get involved but simply don’t know how best to do that.

We work to create a community space where kids and adults of all ages can feel welcomed to get involved and have a space to connect deeper with the water. We all have those moments where we feel like what we do may not make a difference. But trust me when I say it does. Every little thing you do to consciously help our environment and the creatures that live within it makes a difference. It can be as small as changing one product in your daily routine that is more sustainable, going out and picking up trash in your local area, and talking to others about how to make a difference. It all has a wave of impact when everyone as a collective is doing it. These things may not feel significant or impactful, but they indeed are! 

I am currently working on a children’s book that teaches all about coral restoration and why it is so essential for not only our ocean but for us as a species. I believe that using a mermaid as the voice of this narrative will help inspire kids to get excited and get involved. There is so much that can be taught through the eyes of a mermaid.

The bridge between the sea and humanity can be realized and shared in many fun and creative ways.

We can all be ambassadors of the ocean and create the changes we need to see! PADI has really helped bring all of this to life with the ability to teach people how to become divers. When you teach someone to dive, you teach them how to care about the underwater world in ways that could not otherwise be done. Allowing people to experience the magic of the sea firsthand creates an impact that they will carry with them forever. The same goes for mermaiding. While it may seem like something just fun and creative, it goes far deeper than that.

Through my dive company Mermaid Freedive, I have witnessed firsthand people who have never really been around the water falling completely in love with it in so many ways. When you love something, you take care of it. Allowing more and more people to fall in love with the ocean in various ways will create a future of stewards who are passionate about doing whatever it takes to make the necessary changes. No matter how young or old, where you live or what you do – you can become a beacon of hope for our underwater world. There are so many incredible resources and people waiting for you!

Join the global community of PADI Ocean Torchbearers taking action to save the ocean.

This article was written by PADI AmbassaDiver Brandee Anthony – Vero Beach Mermaid.

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