Meet Adithya Srinivasan, one of India’s youngest PADI Junior Master Scuba Divers and PADI Junior Divemasters. On the 7th April, 2019 and at just 12 years and one day old, Adithya Srinivasan become certified as a Junior PADI Master Scuba Diver with Temple Adventures in Pondicherry, India. The PADI Master Scuba Diver (MSD) rating is described as the ‘black belt’ of scuba diving, as fewer than just two percent of divers will ever receive this certification. Any diver who has logged 50 dives or more, has their PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver certifications, as well as five PADI Specialty Course certifications, can apply for this prestigious rating.

A couple years later, in 2022, Adithya Srinivasan went on to become one of India’s youngest PADI Junior Divemasters. In order to become a Divemaster, Adithya needed to complete the Divemaster certification course in addition to the PADI Rescue Diver certification (or qualifying certification), the Emergency First Response® Primary and Secondary Care training (or qualifying training) within 24 months and have completed a minimum 40 logged dives. As a PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver, he held all of the prerequisites necessary to begin the training.

Throughout the Master Scuba Diver program and Divemaster course, Adithya had the support of his parents, Srini and Sanju. He also worked in conjunction with PADI Regional Training Consultant, Mark Wastall, to ensure the correct standards for course completion were followed. We asked Adithaya some questions about his incredible journey to become one of India’s youngest PADI Junior Master Scuba Divers and PADI Junior Divemasters.

What Inspired You to Learn to Dive?

My inspiration to dive stemmed from the movie Finding Nemo. I was 8 years old when I saw the movie. I was fascinated by the wonderful life that exists, in another world under the sea. I wanted to be a part of this world and explore the wonderful colours of nature and life, while swimming among them.

Scuba diving I felt was the only way to see this world at close quarters. I was young and had to wait for 2 years to take my first steps into the underwater world. After my first dive, I never looked back, and the rest is just me following my passion.

Where Did You Do Your Various Courses?

I did my PADI Junior Open Water Diver course in Pondicherry, India. Next was a learning vacation in Bali, Indonesia where I completed the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy and Underwater Navigator Specialty courses.

I followed this up with another learning vacation at Koh Samui, Thailand. Here, I completed my PADI Fish Identification Specialty course. In Phuket, Thailand, I did many fun dives and improved my diving skills.

I completed the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer and Underwater Naturalist Specialty courses, Emergency First Response, PADI Rescue Diver and Junior Advanced Open Water Diver courses at the same place where I started out – Pondicherry, India. I also completed my requirements for the MSD rating during this period.

Finally, I went on to take my PADI Junior Divemaster course at All4Diving in Thailand.

Adithya Srinivasan

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Diving?

Diving in itself is my favorite thing. From wearing the wetsuit, to kitting up, from the boat ride briefing, learning from the various instructors and finally taking the plunge into water. To be able to breathe underwater and hover weightlessly is just beyond words to explain how close to my heart diving is.

To learn advanced skills and techniques – learn, see, discover and explore the various underwater ecosystems that exist. But my most favorite part is the magical feeling of being myself and totally free under water.

Why Did You Want to Become a PADI Junior Divemaster?

Two long years away from the smells, sights of the underwater world and the adrenaline rush of wearing a dive suit was eating away my heart and mind. So, when I came across Junior Divemaster program by PADI, I wasn’t going to pass up on an opportunity like this, to get back to doing what I love the most. After all, it was the appropriate next step in becoming an accomplished scuba professional.

Did You Find the PADI Junior Divemaster Course Challenging?

Out of touch, out of practice, I really did wonder if I was going to be able to match up to the rigours of the course. Slowly and steadily, I found my groove and inner depths of will power; I felt the rush of all things learnt before. I commenced the training with a muscle-breaking show of physical abilities. The Junior Divemaster course is intense and involves plenty of theory, meticulous dive planning, chalking out emergency action protocols and being able to perform to the highest standards under real time scenarios.

Did I fear failure? Truth be told, YES!! But like they say “beyond fear is victory”, and I was aiming for that goal. A goal I wanted to achieve is to stand testimony to the best of my capabilities. My instructor Tim ensured my lessons were learnt well, yet I enjoyed the sessions complete with a lot of the practical and finer aspects of how to be a successful Junior Divemaster.

Adithya Srinivasan becomes a PADI Junior Divemaster

Where is the Best Place You Have Been Diving so Far and Why?

Nusa Penida Island off the island of Bali in Indonesia was the best place I have dived so far. I enjoyed diving here as I have seen underwater life so colourful and varied than where I have seen elsewhere. Here I saw huge manta rays, my first shark – a hammerhead, crown of thorns, jellyfish, octopus and my first scorpion fish.

Where Would You like to Go Diving the Most and Why?

I have a huge bucket list of where I want to go diving. But, for now I would love to go to the Similian Islands – Thailand, Great Barrier Reef – Australia, The Great Blue Hole – Belize, the Manta Ray Night Dive – Hawaii and the SS ThistlegormRed Sea, Egypt.

As and when I am able to increase my dive depth levels, I would love to do some wreck, technical diving and night dives as they intrigue me the most with their challenges. I would also love to broaden my horizons to other parts of the world.

Now That You Have Achieved the PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver and PADI Junior Divemaster Ratings, What’s Next?

I just want to continue diving and along the way I would love to make myself a complete diver by acquiring all the knowledge and certifications. I want to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and promote diving and ocean conservation to the whole world. Lastly, my aim is to become a PADI Course Director and work for PADI Asia Pacific someday.

Please join us in congratulating Adithya on becoming one of India’s youngest PADI Junior Master Scuba Divers and PADI Junior Divemasters. We wish Adithya many happy bubbles in the future and look forward to following his scuba diving journey.

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Written by PADI Regional Training Consultant, Rob Scammell

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