As many parts of the world are currently staying at home to minimize the spread of COVID-19, educators, divers and non-profit organizations are doing everything they can to keep us engaged with the ocean. 

So, we’ve put together this calendar of scuba-related activities you can do each day this month. From educational webinars to fun quizzes, we hope these daily tasks will help you feel connected to the diving community and keep your diving dreams alive.

scuba diving calendar April

April 1st

PADI AmbassaDiver Annie Crawley and her scuba diving team have created educator guides on sharks and rays. If you’re at home with the younger generation of divers, these are free for download at the moment.

Download the Guides

April 2nd

Head over to the @PADItv Instagram page to see Mike Coots’ live photo editing tutorial.

Watch It Here

Alternatively, check out PADI AmbassaDiver Manuel Bustelo’s live Instagram chat with Domino from Project AWARE at 16:00 GMT+1.

Check It Out Here

April 3rd

Sharks 4 Kids, the educational program run by PADI AmbassaDiver Jillian Morris-Brake, is running a series of webinars throughout the first part of the month. Today, you can catch Megan Burt give a talk on shark vision.

Tune In Here

April 4th

Post your favorite diving-related photo to cheer everyone up. Tag #padi and #paditravel so we can see your posts!

See What People Are Posting

Alternatively, watch a few of BBC Earth presenter Lizzie Daly’s “Earth Live Lessons” on YouTube.

Watch Them Here

April 5th

Hammerhead? Tiger? Thresher? Discover what kind of shark you are on the PADI Blog.

Take the Quiz

April 6th

Bingo! Play a round of everyone’s favorite game by taking a screenshot of today’s Instagram story on the @PADItv page. Repost the screenshot on your own Instagram and circle all the scuba activities you’ve already done. 

Play Now

April 7th

Learn about calmness and diving with Dr. Laura Walton live on the PADI Facebook page at 12 PM GMT.

Catch Her Talk Here

April 8th

Pick up a new skill by watching Instagrammer Kelly Quinn give a demo about marine animal painting on the @PADItv Instagram page.

Check It Out Here

April 9th

Dive Ninja Expeditions is hosting Ocean Stories throughout April, and you can tune in today to listen to Simon Lorenz discuss shark photography at 5 PM PDT.

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April 10th

Take a virtual dive with UN Environment Programme partner The Ocean Agency. Google Earth Voyager Stories are available for your desktop or certain portable devices.

Dive In Here

April 11th

Looking for a good book? Consider picking up one of the top 10 books about diving, marine life and underwater exploration.

See the List Here

Manta Ray April Calendar

April 12th

The ocean still needs your help. Take the Project AWARE Pledge to follow the Diver Code of Conduct and become a better diver the next time you are able to jump in the water.

Take the Pledge Here

April 13th

Show your love for the ocean and find out which marine animal you are by posting a selfie using PADI’s Instagram filter. Be sure to tag @PADItv in your Instagram story so we can see the results!

Get the Filter

April 14th

Join Cecily Russell live on the PADI Facebook page for a fitness workout designed for scuba divers. Wear your exercise clothes and be prepared to get sweaty!

Workout With Us Here

Alternatively, celebrate Dolphin Day by taking the dolphin quiz on the @PADItv Instagram story.

Test Your Knowledge Here

April 15th

Join the Young Ocean Explorers on their Facebook page every day starting April 15th at 12:30 PM NZT as they go live with interviews from ocean legends, including Andy Casagrande, Paul Nicklen and Clarke Gayford.

Learn More Here

April 16th

It’s a great time to shop for some new PADI gear. Stock up on eco-friendly items and score 25% off by using the code KIND25.

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April 17th

Ready to chill? Enjoy the beauty of the underwater world by watching the ocean movies now streaming on Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. 

Read More Here

April 18th

Test your scuba diving knowledge by joining PADI Travel for a live quiz on Facebook. Get all the questions right, and you’ll be entered into a draw for a piece of PADI gear.

Join the Quiz Here

April 19th

Did you know some PADI specialties can be completed dry? Now is a wonderful time to continue your scuba diving education.

Discover Your Next Specialty

April 20th

If you missed Adam Sellers’ live stream on the PADI Facebook page, watch it now. In this video, Adam, a PADI AmbassaDiver, provides an introduction to freediving and then leads a meditation session.

Meditate With Adam

April 21st

Build your scuba diving bucket list thanks to some visual inspiration from the dive travel videos on PADI’s YouTube channel.

Binge Them Here

April 22nd

Happy Earth Day! Learn how you can care for the oceans from land while you’re at home. You’ll find loads of tips on the PADI Blog.

Celebrate Earth Day

Or, watch PADI Ambassadiver, Manuel Bustelo, interview Sonja (Pine) Eisfeld-Pierantonia, a policy officer with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. The interview will be aired live on Manuel Bustelo’s Instagram channel at 5 PM BST (6 PM CEST, 12 PM EST, 2 AM AEST).

Tune In Here

April 23rd

Tune into a free webinar on “Gardening Corals for Reef Restoration” hosted by the NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and Katie Lohr, a Conservation Science Fellow. This webinar will “review well-established and cutting-edge techniques for propagating and restoring corals.”

Register Here

April 24th

Virtually dive into the big blue by watching the innovative 360-degree ocean films made by PADI AmbassaDivers, The Jetlagged. These films, which are available on YouTube, explore Indonesia, the Galapagos and loads of dive sites in between.

Discover the Ocean in 360-Degrees

April 25th

Get talking! Scuba divers use our Facebook groups to chat with, get advice from and share experiences with other divers around the world. 

Join the Divers Around the World Facebook Group

manatee april calendar

April 26th

Watch the live ocean webcams on to get your daily dose of zen.

Stream Them Here

April 27th

Brush up on your scuba diving hand signals with the all-new PADI App. It just launched this month on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Download the App

April 28th

If you’re like us, you’re ready to start dreaming up your next dive trip. Scroll through the PADI Travel destination guides for some serious inspiration.

Dream Up Your Next Trip

April 29th

It’s time for a game! Visit the PADI Facebook page for an ocean-inspired word search.

Start Searching Now

April 30th

Practice your scuba diving skills with the PADI How To Series on the YouTube channel. Watch videos about mask clearing, regulator recover and equalization, so that you’re ready to get back underwater when the time comes.

Watch the Videos Here

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