People say that we communicate emotions with our eyes, but scuba divers know how difficult it can be to utilize this skill underwater with your buddy when they are wearing a mask. Dive masks often block us from seeing the creases that form at the corner of someone’s eyes when they smile or raise their eyebrows when they question something.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your buddy’s emotions more clearly? And from a distance? Well, now you can! Say goodbye to your underwater communication frustrations with our new color-changing mood masks (CCM Masks) for scuba divers!

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Color Changing Mood Masks work similarly to the mood rings that we all had as teenagers. By incorporating similar minerals into the mask frame, the mask changes color according to your emotions, allowing your buddy to understand what’s going on at a glance.

Is your buddy looking blue? Don’t worry. They are just feeling calm and zen. Do you notice they turn pink at the sight of a turtle? Yes, they are in their happy place! If they start turning red, though, you might want to check in with them as red symbolizes a level of nervousness.

Mood Masks Color Spectrum:

  • Green: Alert
  • Blue: Calm
  • Pink: Happy
  • Red: Nervous
  • Black: Stressed
  • Purple: Passionate
  • Yellow: Excited
  • Orange: Unsettled

Are you as excited as we are? Scroll down for information about how to order a CCM Mask in your home country.


Note: Color Changing Mood Masks do not exist! Did you believe us?

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