Down in Central America lies a little known Caribbean Rasta paradise.

The Corn Islands sit just over 40 miles / 64 kilometres East of Nicaragua in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Big Corn Island, measuring just under 4 square miles / 6 square kilometres, and its little sister aptly named Little Corn Island, at just over 1 square mile / 1.6 kilometres, make up the pair.

Comprised of mostly Creole people, the islands are vastly different from their Spanish-speaking counterpart of Nicaragua. With only 800 people who call the island home, the community is both tight-knit and welcoming. While coconut production and commercial fishing were its original source of economy, a fairly recent boom in tourism, particularly from divers, has given the area a new boost.

Surrounded by a barrier reef, the Corn Islands provide divers with a lush underwater ecosystem to explore. From unique coral formations to schools of tropical fish, divers will not be disappointed. Little Corn Island has over 20 dive spots within a 15 minute boat ride off the island.

Divers are met with views of stunning corals, plentiful lobsters and curious nurse sharks. Another huge draw bringing divers to this secret paradise is its reasonable prices. Many people come to Little Corn to finish their dive certification or do more extensive diving to take advantage of the island’s plentiful marine life at a great value.

If you are looking to get off the grid and escape the rigors of everyday life, Little Corn Island is the place to be. In fact, there are so many locations in the Caribbean worth exploring.

There are no roads or cars on the island. All transportation is done by foot or bike which is the best way to explore a tropical rainforest. With only one paved path on the whole island, Little Corn is a tribute to the true ways of Caribbean life.

This simplicity and tranquility are what make the island so enchanting. If you’re looking for a new dive spot that your friends have never heard of, book your next dive vacation to the little known secret oasis of the Corn Islands.

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little corn island
Photo credit: Evana Stanonik
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