PADI® and I Love the Sea bring the virtual reality revolution to the scuba space with a suite of three new apps, collectively called Must of the Sea. These innovative apps will take you on a selection of exhilarating immersive dive experiences in the Red Sea! These adventures are appropriate for divers and non-divers alike and can be further enhanced with the use of virtual reality goggles. So, get ready to download these exciting new virtual reality apps to your mobile device. They’re as close as you can get to diving without leaving home – or getting wet!

Be among the first to experience into The Must of the Sea, the new suite of virtual reality apps that magically transport you to thrilling diving adventures at some of the most mesmerizing dive sites on the planet.

ILovetheSea - VR caves

The Must of the Sea suite includes three Apps: “Feel”, “View & Plan” and “Pro Guide”. “Feel,” the first app to launch, offers you three separate undersea adventures; use them to virtually explore Shipwrecks, Caves or Gardens & Sea Life – all featuring the most exotic locations in the Red Sea. “Feel” is now available for download to your mobile device from, the Apple App Store, Google Play and Oculus store.

The second app, “View & Plan,” is the ultimate virtual tour of seven of the finest dive sites the Red Sea has to offer. And, if your outstanding virtual experience entices you to travel there and dive them in ‘real life’, the app offers dive planning tools, including geo-positioning information, route planning and panoramic 360-degree photos. “View & Plan” is now available for download from, the Apple App Store, Google Play and Oculus store. “Pro Guide” is scheduled to launch in the coming months.

I Love the Sea - Virtual Reality

Get Your Friends and Family Diving

Do you have friends and family you believe would love diving – if you could get them to try it? Use the “Feel” app to give them a taste of the fun and adventure you find in diving – and demonstrate in a new and utterly convincing way why we all love it so much!

Access the Apps

Visit to download “Feel” and “View & Plan” today and for more information on “Pro Guide”. You’ll be able to download these apps at this site as they become available.


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